Monday, March 31, 2008

Dems da Breaks

The spring breaks, that is.

Back in the age of dinosaurs cassette tapes, I was an athlete. I played basketball, softball, and was forced to run track. (running is from the devil and should be banned.) I grew up in the small town of Bryant, Arkansas (it's not so small now. When I graduated, the population was 2800. Now it's nearing 15,000, I think)

I wasn't on the first string by any stretch of the imagination. I alternated between second and third string, as my weight alternated between 135 and 140. (ridiculous, I know.) Anyway, we had a great team. We were undefeated throughout junior high, so by the time we entered high school, we had a target on our back.

Even so, we rarely lost more than a handful of games each year. Which meant we would go to the state tournament. Which was always spring break.

As was my birthday.

I never got to have a spring break in high school and I never got to celebrate my birthday. It sucked because the one day of the year that was supposed to be all about me was actually all about the Bryant Hornets. My friends could only whisper happy birthday to me because coach wanted us focused on the game only. And if we lost, he'd say it was because we were focused on other things. And yes, he'd look my way.

Same thing goes for Spring Break. We weren't allowed to go on vacay with the family because we had basketball. there was no choice. If a parent tried to trump the coach, then the kid would no longer be on the team. Period.

What does all this mean to me now? I celebrate the mess out of my birthday. March is my "Birthday Month" and I make sure it's all about me. (Gotta make up for lost time, you know?) And I try to do something special for spring break every year. This year, we didn't go anywhere, but last year, we spent our break stalking Mickey Mouse.

What do you guys do for Spring Break (and for your birthday?) And are coaches still as serious about their sports now as they were then?


  1. ROFL--I love it...I have friends who have entire birthday weeks. What fun! And good for you for making up for lost time!!!

  2. I have birthday weeks. That's what happens when you went through college and grad school sharing your birthday with exams. Without fail, I always had at least ONE exam either on my birthday or the day after. Even on my 21st. Sucks.

    I also have to do the birthday week because my birthday is Cinco de Mayo. Trust me, this sounds great, but it's really not. WAAAAAAY too crowded if you want to go out.

    I don't get a spring break anymore. Sad. Granted, I don't have kids, so I'm sure that will change once we have kids in school.

  3. I try for a birthday month...but nobody goes for it.

  4. Hey Mel!

    Great looking blog.

    We have an exchange student in our house this year, which made a great excuse to go the Grand Canyon for Spring Break.

    It was great fun. I love road trips!

    Happy Birthday month!

  5. Hey Terry! Thanks for stopping by! We've contemplated hosting an exchange student. I'm sure the experience has been memorable.

    Rhonda, I totally believe everyone should have at least one for themselves. :) But some of us need a whole month...

    Amanda, I feel your pain. I felt so bad when my son was born on March 16. Yup, he got screwed, too.

    Gwen, if you say it often enough, people eventually start to believe you...try it. You'll see!

  6. Ooh, cool, Terry! I think that must be so rewarding to host an exchange student. One of these days, when we get the spare bedroom fixed up, I'd love to do that.

  7. I have birthday weeks, too! It's awesome!

    PS. Cool looking blog. :)

  8. Casette tapes... you realize that if you leave ANY casette tape in a car long enough the label wears off and it becomes Queen's Greatest Hits?

    Also that every human being alive has The Best of John Denver in their house or car but NOBODY HAS EVER BOUGHT IT????


  9. OmG....I that is so funny Chrissy! Though, I will admit to having purchased a few downloads of John Denver. "Sunshine" and "Jet Plane" are precious. So, I am the Chosen One.

  10. Chrissy, have I mentioned how much I love you????

  11. Speaking of Spring Break... we're at the beach (Seagrove Beach) as we speak. My 15 year old daughter and her friend are still sleeping, and my 16 year old son is a few miles down at his friend's condo (still sleeping). Don't they know that sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day? Er, no. They're teenagers, so they've never seen the sunrise unless forced...

  12. I was never into sports other than watching and cheering for them. I know that sounds lame. I was a total girly-girl, though.

    But as for your question about whether coaches are as serious now as before...I don't know, but I think the parents are more intense than ever before. I keep reading about parents getting into fights and assaulting the coaches when they dare to bench their child for even a few minutes to catch his or her breath.

    Parents in general seem to be way more hyper competitive than when we were growing up.