Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do You Suffer From BOF?

BOF is that ickiness that overcomes you when your good jeans are in the wash, your BFF has borrowed that cute top that makes your boobs look bigger than they are and you get stuck wearing the clothes your grandmother bought you last Christmas from Sears. You know you look less then your best, but there's nothing you can do about it. You've got Bad Outfit Feeling.

I definitely suffer from this. There are days when I'll wear something that makes me feel completely schlumpy, but I wear it anyway because I was in a rush or the stuff I wanted to wear wasn't available. Those days I feel less like myself. Less confident. More like I just want to disappear in the crowd. That's Bad Outfit Feeling all over.

Of course, sometimes you get BOF through no fault of your own. You start out feeling great about the dress you picked out for that Must Attend party, but when you get there, someone else is wearing it - and they look better. Or maybe you went casual when everyone else is rockin' semi-formal. Even the right outfit at the wrong time can bring on BOF.

A good outfit can make you smile, put a sway in your hips, make you feel like you own the world. You know what I'm talking about, right? When an outfit comes together and you look cute, you're unstoppable. Boys want you. Girls want to be you. Coolness seeps from your pores. Even your cat stares up at you adoringly.

Have you suffered from BOF? Do you have an outfit that never gives you BOF? Is there a memorable time when BOF set in? Talk to me!


  1. I can't imagine you ever having BOF, Kristen. Around here I don't have much reason to worry about what I wear. As long as I'm comfortable, I don't care. When I wasn't a hermit living in the middle of nowhere, though, I was in front of people every day, and what I wore mattered. Then I had my share of BOF days. The semi-dressy suit when everyone else was business casual. The reception that said 'casual' but when I showed up in khakis and a cute top, everyone else was in dresses and slacks. I can't say I miss those days much, but I'm sure I'll be back to them if I ever step into the real world again.

  2. I kinda always suffer from BOF. I'm not very fasion savvy--and my body type doesn't fit the any particular size very well.Too big fot a lot of regular sizes-bot too small for plus sizing. And--I don't really enjoy clothes shopping.

    I know, Iknow--the horror.

  3. ROFL. I get that, definitely. I have certain go-to outfits that haven't done me wrong, and I have some other outfits that are "Meh." I avoid wearing those if I really, really want to make a concerted effort with my clothes, but sometimes, I know I'm looking Meh and don't care. LOL

  4. I kinda have it today, but then again, I just got back from vacay and have no clean clothes.

    But I agree with BE Sanderson...the ever-fashionable Kristen Painter suffers from BOF? Seriously?

  5. Oh, I had a BOF on Sunday. I had a baby shower and a candle party to go to, back to back. The outfit I wanted to wear had been hanging in the closet for like...a year. (I have no life, I never get out). So I wanted to wash it to freshen it up. But then my kid (8yo) threw the sweatshirt he'd worn outside in the sandbox and had consequently got wet while trying to make sand castles in the dryer with my outfit. :( Grrr...

    I ended up wearing a meh shirt and even more meh pants and then while at the shower I realize I've got a stain right below my left boob. Nice.

    I'm still not over it. :(

  6. Oh I suffer from BOF way too much. I really need a pill for it or something or a 12 step program. Thanks for giving it a name!

  7. Ok, we all know I'm more ISTA than Fashion. But tell you what-- a diva was talking about her diamond going missing and MAN--

    When I got mugged and lost Ahmed's diamond... and later, when the second ring had to be replaced for other reasons... both times I felt completely wrong, icky, and down for days.

    If anything happened to this one-- which I've grown most fond of, maybe cuz I picked it?-- I'd wig.

    And the twins should be grounded for that photograph. For serious.

  8. I find that BOF can turn on what pair of shoes I'm wearing. A plain white t-shirt and jeans, for instance, can go many different ways, depending on whether it's paired with my gray Chuck Taylors, or sexy high heels.

  9. I have an outfit that I've had for 3 years now that I tend to grab when I need something quick and clean. It makes me look frumpy, the color does not suit me and every time I wear it I swear it's the last time. It's comfortable--that's probably why I still have it. Aargh.