Monday, April 28, 2008

self imposed penance

My friends and I were bad Friday night.

We were sitting on the deck of a local restaurant, enjoying happy hour, and minding our own business when something sparkly caught our eye.

A prom dress!

We cheered the couples as they made their way to dinner. They all played along with the old folks, bowing and strutting and generally being good sports. I believe they all realized that in 21 years, they might just be us.

Anyway, it all started out as good fun. The couples were beautifully dressed, the boys seemed to have manners, and we were a pleased audience. But before long, our role evolved from audience to judges. We were like Simon Cowell.

"Why is she carrying that giant bag? Doesn't she know that's what evening purses are for?"

"His shirt is untucked. Unforgivable."

"Is she smoking? Who smokes in prom dress? How ugly is that?"*

"He didn't open the door for her! His momma owes him a lesson in manners!"

*I really don't understand the smoking thing. Not in general, I just mean, could they not put down the cigarette for a couple of hours? It just looked tacky. I wonder, do they think it's glamorous?

Okay. So I feel a little bad for raining on the prom parade, so I figured if I could dish it, I should be able to take it.

Here it is--in all its Golden Glory. My prom picture:

The year? 1987
The date? A very good friend of mine
The style? Madonna meets gold lamé
The hair? Sigh. I have no answer.

Last year was my 20 year reunion. Scottie and I posed for a picture again.

Here we are, 20 years and 20 *koff* pounds heavier...

To all the prom dates out there--enjoy your night. I did. And don't let some old fogies heckle you. They had their night a long time ago--it's your turn now.


  1.'s the little lace glove that won me over.

  2. OMG, love it! And the lace glove is so Madonna :)

    I wish I had a copy of my prom pic. I wore a purple and white number with a full hoop underneath. Awful! LOL!

  3. Elaina Huntley11:57 AM

    *Sigh* I had a shiny electric blue prom dress with black fishnet underneath to make it poof. Oh and the one shoulder look that was oh-so-chic. Those were the days! (Thanks for making me think about just how long ago it really was Mel!) LOL

  4. me too. Fingerless lace glove.

    Who else misses the 80s? Let me see a show of fingerless gloves?

  5. I was wearing fishnets too! with the seam up the back. Totally wasted in that dress. LOL

  6. Okay, you soo do not look like a teenager in that picture! I mean, maybe it's just because he looks like he's 12, but you look like an easy 21. And I don't mean "easy" either. LOL

    I soo wish I had a scanner so I could put my Prom pic up somewhere. My date was the center on the football team and was nicknamed "Booger". You can imagine... :)

  7. I need to find this one was the "group" one with all the girls. I don't believe that all of our hair fit in the shot.

  8. Awesome dress. But I must say that the glove rocks my world.


  9. You are a brave, brave woman.

  10. Mel... you have about the sweetest face I have ever seen, girl.

    Another thing I missed out on. I don't mind that one much, though.

  11. Chrissy, don't let that "sweet face" fool you. There's a pitbull buried under that mound of bangs. LOL

    btw, I still have those gloves. Maybe I'll bring them to this year's conference in San Francisco. LOL

    Kristen--brave? or stupid?

  12. OMG, you totally need to bring those gloves to San Fran! It'll make the karaoke experience all that much more fun.

  13. Absolutely NO bagging on the 80s! I think you look fabulous...lame and all. (I wore lame to my sorority formal that same year.) You look beyond adorable...then and now! = )

  14. Oh, I love it!!! That was fantastic. Aaaaaah, the 80's...

    Thanks for being brave enough to share!!

  15. I'm so jealous you still have your fingerless gloves. I lost mine. But I still have my original black plastic Madonna bracelets. :)

    I love that you put that pic up! My 20 year reunion is this summer - eeeek.

  16. Oh, Mel I just love it! And I love how you brought the shine back 20 years later. You look Fab!

  17. Th gloves really make the outfit. That and the crazy big bangs. I still love big hair!

  18. The gloves! I love it. I remember a lot of gold at our prom! I had fingerless gloves too. They went up to my elbows though. And they were solid black.

  19. Yeah, the fingerless gloves are classic. And why don't you do your hair like that now? It's so becoming!

  20. The Damn Yankees' song HIGH ENOUGH was really about my bangs...

    Can you take me high enough...

  21. Anonymous6:32 PM

    You're really working it there, Mel. I love the whole look from head to toe. Now I'm wondering where my prom pics are. lol Much cheer.

  22. I'm burning up for your love right now.

  23. Oh I so remember my own lace period. That is so cool that you got pictures twenty years apart! I love it.

    Kissa Starling