Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, so I thought a simple post would be best.

These are the veterans in my life:

*My great uncle, who gave his life on the beaches of Normandy.

*My grandmother, although not in any branch of the service, she worked as a riveter and so I count her anyway.

*My father, named after that late great uncle, who served in the Army and would have been sent to Vietnam had the war not ended when it did.

*My brother, whose service in the Coast Guard meant such things as boarding drug smuggling boats, rescuing sinking ships full of Haitian refugees and transporting other military special forces on ops.

* My twin cousins - both retired after 20+ years given to the Navy and Air Force.

*My husband - nearly 22 years of service to the Air Force creating and building technology that meant sending fewer soldiers into actual combat.

Who are the veterans in your life?


  1. Good post! And happy veteran's day to those who have served or are serving in our armed forces. ((hugs)) we love you!

    I have a several vets in my life--my dad was in the navy. My two uncles and aunt were in the army. I have a cousin who just got out of the army. My grandfather faught in the Korean war. I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of right now...

  2. Great post. I have my grandfather and 2 stepfathers one of which just passed away this week. He will be so missed.

    Happy Veteran's Day to all.

  3. Hmmm, I don't think I have any. But it's wonderful to hear about them. I love it when occasionally my pastor will ask veterans and military to stand up so we can applaud them.
    It's an honor to see people serve our country that way, and pretty cool that you have that kind of history.

  4. On my dad's side:
    My dad was in the Army, stationed in Germany. My cousin went to West Point, and was in the Army (saw combat in the first Gulf War). His sister's husband went to West Point and is in the Army (has never seen combat or been posted overseas). My dad's 2 half-brothers (my half-uncles) were ROTC (one later became a JAG) and one was a US Army biathlon team and cross country ski team champion, stationed in Germany.

    On my mom's side:
    My uncle was a POV in Vietnam. Another uncle was an Army doctor, stationed in Libya soon as Ghadafi came to power. My grandpa's brother gave his life on Iwo Jima.

  5. Thanks for a great post, Kristen.

    My husband is a veteran, along with (I think) two of his brothers. He has a nephew currently serving in the Marines. My father was a veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, both of my brothers, an uncle, and a brother-in-law were all in the military. One of my niece's husband is currently serving in the Navy.

    Thanks to all of them, and all of your loved ones who served, and to all of the rest of the veterans. We couldn't be the country we are without them.

  6. My Grandfather (WWII Airborne Ranger), my step-father (Navy), my uncle (Army), my biological father (USMC), my father-in law (USMC-Korean War), my husband (USMC), myself (USMC). I have many veterans in my life and I salute all of those that have served, as well as the families, that made/make sacrifices for our country. God Bless all of you.

  7. Thanks to those who volunteer to serve our country!

  8. Nice post. Both my grandfather and great-grandfather served. My great-grandfather met my great-grandmother when he was stationed in Germany during WWI. She was French and couldn't really speak any English. He was a farmer from Oklahoma. Talk about opposites attracting...

    Happy Veteran's Day.

  9. Thanks to all who serve!

  10. I'm at Borders. They are running a deal where you can buy a bag of coffee to send to the troops and you get a free drink at the cafe. How cool is that?

  11. Happy Veterans Day! I think I might have to start rewatching Band of Brothers tonight.

  12. My dad was in the Army and served in the Korean War.
    My brother served in the Air Force and my other brother in the Coast Guard.