Monday, November 10, 2008

listen to your inner voice

When your gut is telling you to do something--you need to listen.

I'm the QUEEN of ignoring my inner voice. I've made friends with people who I know will not be good for me. My guts would say, "She's nice but something isn't right." and I would say, "That's not fair. We don't even know her yet, how can you make that judgment?" Then sometime in the future I would be saying to myself, "Damn. I knew she wasn't right, but did I listen? No."

I've circled 'C' on a multiple choice test even though my gut said, 'B!B!B!B!' and of course, when the test is graded, that was the one question that kept me from getting an A.

As an adult, you'd think I would've learned by now, right? Wrong. Just Saturday, I said to myself, 'Self. You need to back up this book.' and instead of backing it up right then and here I said, 'Self. I do need to back up this book. I'll do it tomorrow after I write a little more.'

What happened on the morrow?

My computer didn't start back up.

And where does that leave me?

Wishing I'd listened to my inner voice.


  1. oh and happy monday y'all.

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    OH NO!!!

    I didn't even finish reading before I was backing up everything - that stinks! Like worse then my neighbors garbage he forgot to take out before going on a 2 week vacay.

    Hope the week gets better!

  3. That totally sucks, Mel. I hope those badass tech boys can recover you data.

  4. :( So sorry, Mel!

    Our subconscious knows things. Don't ask me how. It just does.

  5. That bites! I hope you can recover it.

    I'm the queen of ignoring my inner voice. Especially when it's saying, that chocolate isn't going to look good on your butt...

  6. Oh, that's too bad, Mel! Hope you didn't lose too much.

  7. I feel your pain, Melly.

  8. There are two morals to this story:
    1. always listen to your gut
    2. back up every day.

    I used to back up every day. I will be starting that tradition again.

  9. oh no!!!
    I've had that happen0it sucks
    off to back up EVERYTHING

  10. ARGH! So sorry, my friend.

  11. ((hugs)) I am SO sorry. :( What a nightmare!

    I'm really, really picky about backing my stuff up just because of disasters like this (I've had my computer blow up and lost docs).

    I email myself my current WIP every day. I burn a disc backing up all of my docs on my PC at least once a month. And my CP and I save final copies of our stuff for each other, just in case.

    I hope you can recover your stuff!!

  12. We've all done it, hon. And it stinks pretty bad. I'm so sorry. :(