Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dream jobs

If you could do your absolute "fantasy" dream job, what would it be? I mean, something unrealistic that you'd be blissful to just do, much less get paid for (e.g., Mel may like giving tongue baths to Matt Damon, etc--LOL).

For me, writing is a dream job, but it's more "realistic" than "fantasy", because my dreams are coming true! I have a YA trilogy coming out end of next year. It's not an easy career path. I put a lot of effort into my stories, and I know my fellow Fictionistas bloggers do, too. Still, it's well worth the work.

If I were choosing a fantasy dream job, though, I'd love to be paid just to read. Not even necessarily to have to critique books, but just to have the utter bliss of settling in my favorite chair and getting caught up in books as much or as little as I wanted.

So, what about you--what's your fantasy job?


  1. Realistic dream job? Legislative attorney for the federal agency I currently work for. It's my dream job because it combined my interest in intellectual property law and politics (and I'd get to go to The Hill a lot!) and it's realistic because I interviewed for it one week ago today.

    Fantasy dream job? Being paid to travel around the world staying in 5 star luxury resorts and blog about the experience.

  2. Chocolate tester and queen of country that worships fluffy women. Sign me up!

  3. My dream job is writing. I love it. I get paid to daydream and nothing is better than that.

    My fantasy dream job? Getting paid to travel while giving tongue baths to Matt Damon.

  4. My dream job would be to review theatre in London (while magically living in a sunnier clime -- guess I'll need teleportation booths)...and I'll have a genius cat to do the actual writing part...

    Cara the lazy

  5. I'd like to be Joss Whedon's sounding board. He'd pay me to listen to his ideas and brainstorm. And defer to my opinion when we cast our new show.

  6. Hee hee -- fun question! I second amanda's world travel dream job, but then combine in rhonda's of being able to spend time at the resorts just reading, reading, reading (when I'm not galavanting, of course :)).

  7. I was afraid you were going to consider getting paid to read to realistic, but that is my dream job too! I would squeeze in some cooking too.