Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things to do before I die

I love making lists. There's something unbelievably satisfying to me about making a list, then crossing off the items as I accomplish those deeds. I feel like I've set goals and did them.

So, in the interest of setting goals, I'm going to list out things I want to do/accomplish before I die:

--meet the president of the United States
--go to Japan
--travel around the world
--go skinny dipping (yes, that's right--I've never done this. LOL)
--lose *cough cough* pounds
--spend one entire day doing nothing but reading in bed
--buy a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes and wear them out on a date
--create a scholarship for single moms at my alma mater
--make a decadant 7-course dinner for my family
--see Sting in concert from the front row (what a big dream this one is! *cries*)
--go to the super bowl or the olympics
--go snorkeling
--sing in a professional concert
--visit every state in the US
--spend one entire day being pampered at a spa, head to toe
--make a hole in one in golf
--pick up Japanese again and continue studying it until I am fluent
--go ghosthunting in a haunted house overnight

I could go on and on. But right now, I'm more interested in knowing what would be on YOUR list. Please share!!


  1. Rhonda, this is a great list.

    I am opposite, I don't like to make lists because I feel like I'm a failure if I'm unable to cross off the items fast enough. However, I do have a running mental list...maybe I should make a list of things I've already accomplished and things I've yet to accomplish...

    BTW, I saw Sting several years ago. I was in row 7. It wasn't row 1 but it WAS AMAZING.

  2. GAH--i am soooo jealous of you, mel! i bet that was a fantastic concert. *cries* LOLOL

    hey, a mental list is just as effective!!

    i also like listing things i've accomplished. :D

  3. Great list, Rhonda. There are probably a lot of things I could pu on mine, but the main one is:

    See my book(s) get published.

  4. Those are some great goals. I should do some naval gazing and come up with one of my own.


  5. Dude, I forgot another important thing on my list--hit the NY Times bestseller list. ROFL!!

  6. Like Mel, I don't do lists either. I was too traumatized by my college roommate who would make daily lists, and as she accomplished the things on them, she would literally cross it off with whatever pen she happened to have on her at the time, then when she was near her desk, she'd black it out with a permanement market, then use White-Out on it, THEN once she'd crossed off several things in a row at either the top or bottom of the list, she would literally cut off the things that were done. I'm not kidding. She would pick up her scissors and make the list physically shorter.


    Anyway, from your list, here's what I've done:

    * Met the president of the United States
    * Have been skinny dipping
    * Lost pounds (but yes, I've gained them back and then some)
    * Spent numerous entire days doing nothing by reading in bed
    * Went to the Olympics

  7. I might be able to hook you up with the Japan thing. I have an interview next week. Snorkeling is pretty easy too. I know a guy in The Philippines and a guy in Thailand.

    As for me, I want to:

    Ride the Transiberian Railroad.
    Go to a foreign country alone.
    Go to the Middle East (I've got a resume out in Dubai too.)
    Hit the top 10 on the Amazon best seller list.
    Write a series of at least 38 books.
    Fill at least one passport (8 of 14 pages to go and 6 years to go. Can I make it or will I have to start over in 2015?)

    Those are the ones that come up off the top of my head.

  8. Great list and I'll say this... TRAVEL NOW. As soon as you can manage. You never know when you'll lose the ability to go and you'll never regret spending the money once you've done it.

    I wish I had seen more of the US. Possibly living in another country again soon, and I've got mixed feelings.

    This is a cool thing to ponder.

  9. Collaborate with Joss Whedon.

    Have a glass of wine in Paris.

    Actually be invited to the HQ party instead of crashing.

    Fill my granchildren up with candy and send them home to my kids.

    I'm sure there are more...but I have to go to work sometime this morning.

  10. Very cool list. I highly recommend the skinny dipping. I've done it more times than I can count and in several countries. lol

  11. Oh yeah. I forgot snorkeling. It's super fun.

  12. Thanks for the ideas/tips, everyone! I love your lists.

  13. I think the single mom scholarship is my favorite from your list! What a nice idea this is. I'd have to think for a long time before I could post mine, though...

  14. Amanda Brice3:56 PM

    I agree with Louisa. I hope you do start that scholarship. I'd like to contribute.

  15. Wonderful!!! I think I shall do it. :D Thanks guys.

  16. list includes:

    1) write a bestselling novel

    2) play Goneril and Lady Macbeth on stage

    3) never read Clarissa.

    And so far, I'm succeeding on #3!

    Once upon a time I also had "see all Shakespeare's plays on stage" on my list, but I achieved that one already!