Thursday, November 20, 2008

This makes me sad

This a picture of actress Lara Flynn Boyle posted on TMZ on Thurdsay. She looks so unhealthy to me...and perhaps the picture is photoshopped--but it's as good as time as any to remind our readers that having a healthy relationship with food is best beauty secret there is. If you know someone you suspect has an eating disorder, please understand that telling them to eat something will not fix the problem. It's like telling an addict to just stop doing drugs or drinking--the problem goes much deeper than the way the sick person is manifesting it. Eating disorders are treatable diseases.

Here are some things you can do:
  • Talk to them. Let them know you care and that you are worried. Don't blame them or shame them--just let them know your concern.
  • Urge them to talk to doctor or get counseling.
  • She may not feel she needs help--but she does. Try to get a parent or teacher involved.
  • Don't let the discussion turn into a fight. You may need to back off and keep your involvement open-ended. It doesn't mean you give up--it means you don't let them push you away and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Eating disorders require specialized help--while you are equipped to love and support your friend or loved one--she'll need the kind of medical and psychological treatment from professionals.

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  1. She looks like a walking skeleton.

  2. Wow. There are a lot of people who are naturally thin and don't have eating problems--it's just the way their bodies are.

    That seems excessively skinny to me, though. I do believe that she's been that thin for a long time, but still...

  3. I went to see Changeling last week and was so distracted by Angelina Jolie's body that I could not enjoy what was a brilliant film.

    She is so incredibly thin even flapper-era clothing hung on her tragically.

    Thanks for the reminder, Gwenny!!

  4. Amanda Brice4:29 PM

    Excellent post, Gwen!

  5. fantastic post, Gwen.

    That picture makes me sad. I think she might be even skinnier now than she was several years ago on The Practice. And back then, I thought she needed to eat a deep fried sandwich with a side of mayo