Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where's My Hassenpfeffer?

Here's a little something to kick off your Tuesday with just the right amount of cute and cuddly.

Of course, you may prefer a cuddle of different variety. As for me, I'd have to try both! Would you go to one of these restaurants?

(10 points if you know what the title of this blog references.)


  1. dude, that is hilarious--i would definitely go to one of those places!

  2. Where's my lunch?? WHERE'S MY DINNAHH???

    You really can't throw down the Bugs Bunny with me... I have all the what's Opera, Doc? operas on my MP3 player... and I am his biggest fan.

  3. I'm not a fan of eating with my pets but the bunny in the bag is too cute. I do get the social part of it.

  4. That's too cute! I probably wouldn't go though b/c I'd want to take all the bunnies home with me :)

  5. Laverne and Shirley?

  6. Good grief, pet cafes! Leave it to the Japanese. I have to say I got a kick out of the BYOB rule. I have to wonder though. If you bring your own bunny to the cafe and a few weeks later, she's in a certain delicate condition, who gets custody?

  7. aww, fluffy bunnies!! I saw a show on pet rentals in japan too - you can rent a dog by the day.

    is it bugs bunny?

  8. I love Bugs Bunny too.
    Too bad they don't show it on Saturday morning tv anymore.
    All the best,

  9. OH my gosh, how interesting! I'm not sure I'd go there, but I do take the kiddos to the pet store to pet and hold their rabbits. Pretty cool story.
    I'm guessing the title references a type of rabbit? LOL