Saturday, September 26, 2009

If A Tree Falls On This Blog...

I'm writing this even though I've already written it and am not actually here.

Ok, I'm here in the cosmic sense... just not online writing this... because I already wrote it. Err.

Previously. Sort of thingy.

Ok, let me back up...

This week I had to have my tires rotated and my oil changed... which is code for "medical crap." And because I knew I'd be down for the count I decided to pre-write two blog posts, save them, and use the delightful little "pre-post" option brought to you by Google, Blogger, and the letter Q. Cool, ennit?

So here I am blogging, even though I'm not. Technology, she is a wicked pistol!

But it got me thinking about why many people-- maybe even all people-- write. In a sense, on some level, don't we all hope to leave behind a part of ourselves on the page? Will Shakespeare ever really vanish? Seems unlikely. Whatever condition his mortal coil may be in, his words live on.

I wonder how long Google/blogger would leave a blog that was neglected sitting there, its archives speaking into the internet infinity? I wonder if I could pre-blog 5200 posts, predate them to post once a week, and live on for 100 years? I wonder if anyone would still read them?

Don't panic... I'm too lazy and nowhere near that disciplined. But it is an interesting notion. How many diaries are still making a difference, long after their authors have passed? Anne Frank comes to mind.

So anyway, I'm not here. But my words are. And I am still here-here... like HERE in the cosmic, walking-around here sense... well more laying around. Laying around and being a pain in the backside, most likely. Coughing. Watching sad movies. Demanding soup.

Blogging, even without actually blogging.

Man, that really IS cool! Even if nobody reads it. I blog, therefore I am. Someody's eventually gotta hit this thing accidentally, right?


  1. Amanda Brice9:47 AM

    Perpetual interesting concept.

    Get better, dude.

  2. Hi :)
    I am not here posting this reply to the post you did not post but really did post so I am pre-replying to your pre-post unless...
    *brain implosion*
    Rest, recuperate, & get well,
    Love & Best Wishes,

  3. The whole idea of pre-posting blogs years ahead into the future really gives one pause. It's kind of like a version of PS. I Love You.

  4. wow, that's trippin'. i don't think my brain can handle these deep thoughts today. LOL

  5. Feel better--and what a neat idea. Perpetual blog--there is astory in there somewhere too.