Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing Maize Maze

Rhonda's post this week about Autumn got me thinking about traditions. One of the fun things about this time of year are pumpkin patches and corn mazes (or maize mazes if you are British).

Our town has a corn maze--but the largest one in the world is in Dixon, CA. In 2007, the maze was an amazing 40 acres. This year--42.9! And how do they plan it? Two brothers and an excel sheet. It hurts my head to even think about it.
Here is an aerial view:

If you happen to live near Dixon, here is the website. I believe the maze opens today. For the rest of us--there is always the great pumpkin, right?

Does your town have any special patches or traditions?


  1. mazes creep me out. LOL I always think The Shining and Children of th Corn and can't take the chance I'll be a victim of the maze...

  2. I so want to do this! But in the daylight. Because otherwise? Too Children of the Corn for me.

  3. Amanda Brice12:10 PM

    I've never understood the appeal of a corn maze, crop maze, garden maze. I could think of many better things to do with my time than get lost and try to find my way out.

    But I know lots of people who enjoy them.

  4. WOW, that's cool. I love mazes--I would totally dig that one!!!