Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Re-Design

I'm running late and early at the same time today. Routine is something I avoided at all costs in my youth, but it's been a huge help to me in my middle years. I also think rejecting the traditional track of 9 to 5 made me a better writer and freer spirit. So it's a trade-off. These days I like having no job other than a few websites and graphics accounts and my writing. I can do a few things on the side if I want, or not. It allows me to embrace the creative spark when it hits.

Most Saturdays I've tried to post early. I know everybody in the blogosphere is DYING to get here first thing to read my ever-so-important opinions and observations.

Ok... you don't have to laugh THAT HARD.

Actually, it goes back to the routine thing. I love that my life is loose and easy to navigate most of the time simply because... it never really is. I have two little boys in my home three days a week (sometimes more). I have Max, Jeeves, the kittehs, Mo, and some guy with a funny accent. They are sort-of self-cleaning. But today Max had to get a last minute appointment at the groom. While sleeping late on Saturday would have been awesome, leaving Max to walk around with a smiley face drawn in sharpie marker on his side would not. (Did I mention the kids already?)

So my normal Saturday wasn't. Only it sort of was. I got up earlier, posted later, and dropped a grumpy pug at Doggie Stylin' down town. (I'm not making that up... that's his grooming salon's name.)

So life happens and plans change. One thing you can always count on? I'll never forget you! Bore you? Probably. Forget you? NEVER!


  1. That picture is KILLING me. Killing me. Look, I'm dead from the cuteness.

  2. Why did we never get the story about how he came to be running around town with an unsightly sharpie smiley?

  3. I lurve this picture...hahaha.