Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What are you reading?

I got home from the Central Ohio Fiction Writer's conference on Sunday and one of the things I brought with me was a wicked head cold. Because of that, I'm wimping out on today's post and simply asking what you're reading.

I know. Lame. But it was that or a 15 page long Nyquil induced rant on how smoke detector batteries should never, ever need to be replaced due to excessive beeping while there is a sick person in the house and the only well person is 1000 miles away on a business trip.

See? You got off easy.


  1. Amanda Brice11:19 AM

    I'm so sorry you're sick! Get better!

    I'm reading Susan Wiggs' AT THE KING'S COMMAND. It's a re-release from Mira of a book that was originally published by Harper Collins in 1995. It takes place in Henry VIII's court and is about an insolent nobleman commanded on a whim by the king to marry the gypsywoman who was caught stealing his horse. Only the gypsywoman isn't really a gypsy. She's a Russian princess in hiding after her family was murdered.

  2. Right now I'm lame, too, and not reading for fun. I'm in the middle of Christopher Vogler's "The Writer's Journey".

    Feel better soon!

  3. I just started Lori Borrill's The Personal Touch. And of course, stayed up too late reading it.
    I thought it would be hard to buy into the plot (guy hires a matchmaker for his mother on the down low. Of course the guy falls in love with the matchmaker himself.)
    But she makes it work.

  4. Right now I'm reading Milan Kudera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I'll admit that I'm not far into the book, so I can't really discuss it just yet. However, what I have read has been very interesting.

  5. Aw sugar, feel better! Allergies have been wicked lately.

    I picked up the new Kelypas and Liz Carlyle titles today. Going to nose around for more, though. I have a week and a half in bed coming at me... very menacing!

  6. Poor Kristen! Hugs on the stupid beeping...been there, done that, and it's awful when you're sick!

    I'm currently rereading Karen Cushman's THE MIDWIFE'S APPRENTICE. A really great Newbery winner -- forgot how good it was! She was inspirational at the SCBWI conference, that put me in the mood to read/reread all her books...

  7. Just finished GODDESS OF THE HUNT by Tessa Dare last night. She is wonderful.

  8. I just finished reading a YA book called Luna. I'm getting ready to start So Not the Drama. Looking forward to reading it!!