Thursday, September 10, 2009

Up way too late

I made the mistake last night of saying "just one more page." Of course, that one page led to one more chapter, which led to one more chapter, which, before I knew it, I'd actually read the entire "Part 4" of the book I was reading.

Dude, I really needed to go to bed quasi-early, but Andrew Gross' "The Blue Zone" was just way too compelling. He definitely learned at the feet of his mentor James Patterson, because I couldn't put the book down!

Next thing I knew, it was past 1 am and I was just heading to bed.

Anyone else do that recently? What's the last book you stayed up way too late reading?


  1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I always think I can just read one chapter...and then it's 2:30 am.

  2. Hmm. The last book...gotta be Roxanne St. Claire's Hunt Her Down.

  3. Jennifer Russell7:12 PM

    Two books come to mind quickly. The first is Ian McEwan's Atonement. The second is Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette

  4. Catching Fire. LOL I couldn't put it down...

  5. I love when that happens! The last series to do that to me was the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent. I kept saying "Just one more page, just one more page". But I always pay for it the next day.

  6. I do this far too often, most recently this week with DON'T TELL and NOTHING TO FEAR by Karen Rose. I couldn't go o bed last night until I'd finished NTF.