Friday, September 11, 2009

I know you were but what am I?

My daughter started her junior year of high school last week, so I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison between her junior year and mine.

Average income
1987: $24,350
2009: $40,523

A gallon of gas:
1987: .89
2009: 2.51

One dozen eggs
1987: .65
2009: 1.34

Biggest Hit Single
1987: La Bamba by Los Lobos
2009: (current) I Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

Top Grossing Film
1987: Three Men and a Baby
2009: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Top TV Show
1987: Bill Cosby Show
2009: True Blood

NYT Bestseller (paperback mass-market)
1987: Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
2009: 92 Pacific Boulevard by Debbie Macomber


  1. Wow, that's wild!!! I love seeing how things change like this. Very interesting...

  2. Is True Blood really the top TV show? I can't believe of everything there is to watch, that's the best we could do. lol Oh well. I'm happy it's got vampires.

  3. My daughter started her Junior year this year, too. Ugh. I can't believe it. Seems like only a couple years ago I was taking her for her first day of kindergarten, and now she's prepping for college.

    Thanks for the comparison. Hard to believe what 1987 was like compared to now.

  4. wow, that's incredible. Great post.

  5. Kitteh, don't be hatin' on True Blood now. I heart that show.

    Your Jr. year was my Sr. year...and I have the prices written down in my memory book. I love comparing then to now, though when I look at gas and movie prices, I get a little depressed. LOL

  6. I was behind two teens at the grocery store this week. They were wearing skinny jeans, long layered tops, and Converse sneakers.

    They smiled and said hello and I said "you guys could be wearing my wardrobe from the 80's."

    One of them squealed "Omigod I LOVE the 80's!!"

    Yeah, I'm old... but the 80's came back.

    They are so lucky they make skinny jeans with lycra and spandex. Dude, we used to lay on our back snd have our friends help us pull the zipper up. I can remember peeling off skinny peg leg jeans and my entire body tingled and burned with relief. There's an entire generation of 40-somethings with back issues, kidney problems, and hip issues because of those jeans!!!

  7. Oh yeah, I remember having to lay on the bed to zip the jeans, and then trying to get up after. Remember we had to protect our big hair at the same time. Fashion was hard work then.

  8. Remember when it rained and the bus smelled so badly of re-liquified AquaNet it would gag you? Plus you couldn't let anyone near you with a lighter or you'd go human-torch.

    Good times... good times. :)

  9. It wasn't just the girls. During my glam-metal stage I think I must have been on Aqua Net's christmas card list...

  10. Mr. Belegon, please send pictures. Love, Gwen