Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Marriage proposals

I heard a funny story yesterday on the radio about a marriage proposal that made the news. Apparently, a guy had first met his girlfriend on a group date at Wendy's, so to propose to her, he decided to do it at Wendy's with all of those friends around him. The friends knew he was going to pop the question...and that he had buried the engagement ring in her frosty.

Well, the guy's friends had decided they wanted to speed up the process, so they challenged the girl to some kind of frosty eat-off. You can see where this is going...the girl totally ate the engagement ring and didn't know! LOL

It took a lot of convincing for her to realize what had happened--and a trip to the ER, complete with a stomach X-ray, showing the ring in her stomach. At this point, their friends pointed out that the guy hadn't actually proposed yet. So the guy, x-ray in hand, proposed to her there, and she said yes. Even though she had to wait for nature to call until she got her ring back. ROFL

Know how the manpanion popped the question to me? He called me upstairs and told me to look under my pillow. I did, and saw a tanzanite ring in there. It was gorgeous--and my favorite stone!! So I thanked him and put it on the ring finger of my right hand...LOL. I was totally certain it wasn't an engagement ring and didn't want to get my hopes up and go down that road.

Anyway, so his face turned beet-red and he said: "Well, you can put that on your other hand, if you want." LOL

The kids still tease him about never "officially" proposing to me.

Of course, after he said that, he did say a lot of very romantic stuff. All in all, it was funny and romantic at the same time. :D

By the way, when I called my mom to tell her I was engaged, she instantly said, "In what...felonious activities?" Apparently, she never thought we'd actually do it since we'd been together for two years at this point with no apparent engagement in sight. hahaha

What about you? Any good proposal stories to share? Share a shocking or funny or romantic proposal story with us--I'd love to hear it!!


  1. My then boyfriend and I sat on top of a hill near our home, on the "wishing stone" which we'd climbed in the traditional way, looking out across the sound to the island, where the little sailing boats flecked the ocean. He prepared himself. A gentle breeze ruffled his jet black hair and he drew in a breath.

    Then bigmouth here said "This would be a great place to propose to someone, wouldn't it?"


    (He did, eventually)

  2. Hotrod proposed to me 30K feet up in first class in front of a US Airways plane full of people. He got a hearty round of applause when I said yes.

  3. RF--dude, that's hilarious. HAHAH. That's something I would do!!

    Kristen--awesome. I'd applaud if I'd seen it!!

  4. Oh my LORD Rhonda your mom is a hoot.

    I was NOT expecting it.

    He was in DC at a burn clinic with his Dad, who was here from England being treated for a serious injury. The ring had been discovered and buzz was starting to spread. So before I could find out by accident he called me on the phone, asked me to open his top desk drawer, and when I opened it and said nothing he yelled, all grouchy that he "wasn't going to bloody well have one of those harpies ask FOR me."

    Then I threw up and cried til I was blotchy and hyperventilating.

    I have since gone through two more rings. First one I was mugged and it was stolen. Second one was damaged and when we sent it for repair it was discovered to be a blood diamond with a funky serial number, so we picked this one.


  5. I was really sick - turned out to be kidney stones. Horrible pain, missed work, popped Darvocet like Pez. We'd planned a big barbeque/welcome to our new home party and he adamantly refused to cancel it. We had over fifty people coming. My girlfriends did the hosting duties while I lay on the couch and whined (seriously - when your body is crunching up kidney stones, it hurts).

    Late that afternoon he dragged me outside and in front of everyone got down on one knee. It was completely unexpected.

    I cried. I already looked like hell - the pictures are stunning in their awfulness.

    Last month, Valentine's Day was on Saturday, so all the morning radio shows did their Valentines stuff on Friday. Guy calls into 104KRBE, gushes about his wonderful girlfried, he wants to spend his life with her, etc. and he wants the DJs to call her, and he'll propose. They call her - she's just leaving the gym, like he said she would be - they introduce themselves, say Boyfriend has something he wants to ask you. He very sweetly pours his heart out. You know where this is going.

    Dead silence, then the girlfriend says "Are you proposing to me on the RADIO? Am I on the air right now? I can't talk about this right now. I'll see you tonight."

    It was painful to listen to.