Monday, March 30, 2009

Fooled Ya!

Okay, so it's April Fool's Week here at the ' we're gonna talk about pranks and such.

I was a big prankster as a kid. I loved to TP houses, Vaseline door knobs, Saran Wrap toilets when boys were around...that stuff was fun.

(Do you know some people think of rolling houses as vandalism? WTH is up with that?)

Anyway, my favorite pranks were the ones where we almost got busted. There's something about that adrenaline rush of the porch light coming on and the mom standing at the door shouting, "Who's there?" while you're hiding in the shadows holding a 12-pack of toilet paper.

My senior year, my friend Jen and I had a crush on this guy named Steve. (He played the guitar and boy did he make us swoon when he would play and sing "Amanda" by Boston. We wanted to be named Amanda so he was singing about us...but I digress)

One night, Jen and I decided it was a good night to go rolling and forking. We loaded up the car and headed straight for Steve's house. Now Steve happened to live next door to our hairdresser who also had a son that we kinda liked, so we figured we'd kill two birds with on roll of TP, so to speak.

We had barely gotten started when both front porch lights came on. I had been sticking forks in one yard while Jen was working on the other. (I'm pretty sure she wasn't doing anything but lurking outside Steve's window hoping he would start playing his guitar...)

As soon as the light came on, I pressed myself up against the house behind the azalea bushes. My hairdresser was 3 feet away from me, but thanks to the shadows and my fantastic ability to hold my breath, she didn't see me.

After about five minutes, she went back inside and turned off the light. Nobody ever came out of Steve's house, but they left the light on, which freaked us both out a little. Not enough to stop us, but still...

So we finished the job. I forked the hell out of that yard, and we rolled Steve's up like a Christmas present. It was beautiful.

I'm pretty sure we didn't sleep that night thanks to the adrenaline rush.

In honor of Steve....


  1. You're such a naughty, naughty girl...

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I, of course, have NEVER vandalized the home of a cute guy...or his car...or the home of a bitchy girl, or.... you get the idea.

    Just because there are pictures of me standing with a couple of cars totally rolled in TP doesn't mean I did it, right?

    I refuse to answer. 5th amendment rights and all that!

  3. I never once tp'ed a house, forked a lawn, or egged a car. I was the original goody two shoes in high school. Kind of makes me sad to think what I missed...

  4. I never egged a house or TP'd anyone. I have however stuck hot sauce (partially torn open) packets under the toilet seat and laughed uncontrollable when the next female went in after me. And then when I worked at BMC with my bro he was addicted to nasal spray so I put blue food-coloring in it and laughed all night at his blue nose and upper lip, until he noticed it at 2 a.m. and KY jelly on the handset of the phone is always funny to watch when someone answers the phone. Must I go on??

  5. Bored? Take a screen capture of your husband's desktop. Reset the screen saver to that image. Password protect it.


  6. you guys need to stop giving me ideas

  7. LOL dude, I've never done ANYTHING like that to someone's house before. I'd be too chicken.