Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Favorite Things

Hey, lookie there--it's my day to blog. Obviously, you can see I'm super-prepared, so I'll be pulling a topic out of my hiney today. haha. So, here's a seriously random list of a few of my favorite things (I could go on and on, but that would be super boring). Please feel free to post your own list of fav things in the comments--the more, the merrier!!

--raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens (okay, I had to say it. LOL)
--warm, chocolately pop tarts, fresh out of the toaster
--the sudden burst of inspiration that makes my story gel on a whole new level
--my family and friends
--jeans that fit perfectly and look fabulous
--no traffic on the highway when driving to work in the morning
--Twitter (this is a totally new fav thing of mine...BTW, you can follow me HERE!)
--finding extra money in my pockets, on the sidewalk, etc
--sushi (yummmmmmmmm)
--watching a super fabulous movie or TV show
--a delish glass of reisling wine
--reading a book that totally draws me in
--writing "the end" on a novel
--making someone laugh, hard
--the words "dude" and "uber"

Okay, your turn. What are a few of your favorite things?


  1. Amanda Brice12:55 PM

    LOL, you crack me up.

    My favrotie things are traveling, dancing, Duke basketball (especially when they beat Carolina, which unfortunately didn't happen this year...sad!), key lime pie, BBQ pulled pork, mojitos...I could go on and on.

  2. oooooh good list. i love traveling, too--and dancing! :D

  3. PG list:

    romantic comedy movies
    Lays chips
    diet Rockstar
    Romance Divas

    If you add my couch, I just described Saturdays.

  4. Dude, Twitter uber rules.

  5. being a townie
    being a welcome guest in Oakland, ME
    Ahmed, even when he's an idiot
    the noises Max makes when I come home
    the way he plants his nose against my chest for comfort
    Jeeves and how he has intimate relations with the book scraper
    the way Ahmed gets ticked when I call his dog a perv (see above)
    Winky, the one eyed learning disabled cat, and the way all discipline is a game to him
    my MP3 player and the TV theme song collection on it
    my Lenovo S10 netbook
    my black leather Giani Benini hobo bag, and being able to fit my netbook in it!!
    my friends... particularly the way we constantly give one another crap
    romance divas
    the sceptics' tank
    cadbury eggs
    my cream colored mug that looks like an Irish cable-knit fishing sweater on the outside, which Ahmed calls my Irish Fishing Mug
    corned beef
    home cooking
    when the kids say something way beyond their years
    great books

  6. Amanda Brice4:18 PM

    I totally forgot Fictionistas and Romance Divas. Stupid me.

    And cooking.

    And Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    And Uno's "Farmer's Market" pizza

    And crabcakes

  7. LOL I didn't put us or RD down, either.

    Oooooh I heart peanut butter cups. Man, you guys came up with some good ones. :D

  8. My husband
    My daughter
    Our furry gray cat-person


    Dilbert cartoons when Scott Adams is on.
    Kemp's Chocolate Monster ice cream
    cute shoes
    the sound of great horned owls (even if they keep me awake sometimes)
    The Princess Bride
    the color green

    Thanks, Rhonda. I needed to be reminded of the things that make life happy. =o)