Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Forward

It was 62 degrees in Green Harbor this morning, and the air smelled of promises. So I woke up, got dressed quickly, and took kept one.

Tonight we are due to "spring forward," turning our clocks ahead an hour to adjust for the coming change of season. It's a few weeks off yet, that chiming of SPRING on the calendar. But the signs are about. One of them has had Max wigging out every time we drove by this week.

Yes, the Dairy Queen opened this week.

I allow Max to have DQ once in a blue moon. I once had an animal become ill and all she could manage was dairy, but having been weened off the stuff, the milk we gave her was brutal on her stomach. A very wise vet recommended we keep our critters tolerant of lactose for this reason, with occasional "light" dairy treats. So while I really don't give him people food, occasional sweetened dairy is the exception. Because of this, Max is a big fan of Dairy Queen. We can't drive by without him whimpering, snotty little nose pressed against the glass of my SUV.

What are you going to do when he begs?

You're going to give him the treat.

Because you PROMISED.

So what are the rites of spring that propel you forward? And don't forget those clocks!


  1. OMG, how cute is he!

  2. Oh, I love me some DQ soft serve. Crap. Now I have a craving.

  3. It's so nice to work for him. LOL

  4. So, wait. The Dairy Queen closes? Wow. You people that have seasons freak me out :p

    I used to be a summer nut, but now Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Perfect for putting the top down on my car and enjoying the wind.

  5. I am having a blizzard right now.

    Westerly winds 15-25 mph and swirling snow.

  6. He's such a cutie! Now I want ice cream too.

  7. Ah, radiant spring. Time for radiant spring activities, like going to see Watchmen... :-)

  8. I soooo wanna see that, Cara!!

    Also, yes... DQ closes because it gets covered in snow and can't operate from a parking lot. Plus it's more fun to wait all winter and then get yummy softserve in March. LOL

  9. My hubby was suppose to mow the lawn today, but he's sick and can't.

    That too me is the first of spring, the mowing.


  10. awwwww dude, how cute is that!!!