Monday, November 01, 2010

Ghosty Shows

ghosthuntersLast night, as you all know, was Samhain, or Halloween, or All Soul’s Eve.  Pick one.  Hopefully you were treated, not tricked, and had a good time.  In a related, but not necessarily specific to the holiday, note—I spent the night watching the annual Ghost Hunters live show.

paranormalstate I love Ghost Hunters.  I think Jay Hawes and Grant Wilson get it right, and I love Steve and Tango.  I laugh just as often as I get excited about possible evidence, which is why I remain a fan.

I used to be really hooked on Paranormal State, too.  Ryan, the head honcho of the crew on that show, has become a tad too melodramatic for me.  They are less likely to rely on science, in spite of the fact that they have the tech on hand.  I still tune in occasionally.

ghosthairGhost Lab was interesting last season… but I am not yet hooked. I have to admit, Ghost Adventures occasionally sucks me in just for the pure dweeb-factor. I mean, basically we’ve got frat boys hyped up on Red Bull freaking out in the dark.  But that one dude’s hair is absolutely not of this world.  For sure.

What’s your ghostly poison? 


  1. I watched the Ghost Hunters Live show, too! I love, love, love these guys. It is my favorite of all the shows (and I do watch them all).

  2. I don't watch any of those shows....but I did go to a real investigation this weekend. Mr. Hayes and I went to a ghost conference. I didn't feel or see anything, but he had some impressions.

    I did ask the psychic if she minded if I job shadowed her. It was her first time in the house and it was fascinating.

  3. I caught part of it...since it was live in my hometown last night!! :) That building is so so cool!! It's in the middle of being restored and last year (I think) they did a big Halloween party inside.