Friday, November 26, 2010

Do you or don't you?

Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, the day when retailers offer (supposedly) tremendous deals to those willing to rise before dawn, brave the cold (unless, like me, you're in Florida) and the crowds.

I've never done it. I know that might seem shocking considering how much I enjoy shopping and how good at it I am, but the prospect of fighting all those other people for merchandise seems more like combat and less like shopping.

Still, I know folks who do it faithfully every year and love it.

Which camp do you fall into? Have you already hit the stores this morning? Or are you content to stay in bed ignoring the siren song of low-priced goods? Or maybe you're doing some online shopping today? Tell me!


  1. I'm only venturing out today because we ran out of milk. Otherwise I avoid stores on Black Friday like, well, the black plague. I might do some product comparisons online today so I can get the perfect present for my darling spawn, but other than that, it's write write write.

  2. The closest we have to this phenomenon in Canada is Boxing Day. (Dec 26) When I was a teenager, I liked to go out and brave the crowds, but don't really remember making any great purchases. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't worth it, for me.

  3. Ugh. No thank you. BUT...there is a grass roots effort thing to make Saturday a small-business shopping day. I'm all for that. Support your local shops! (but not if I have to stand in line to get in or defend myself from other shoppers.)

  4. I almost logged into today, but I was worried someone might jostle me.

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Never ever! I don't enjoy shopping normally. There is nothing that could convince me to line up with people at 5am, rush the doors, trample your neighbor all to get some electronic device or a sweater. Uh, uh. Nothing. On the other hand, I do like the January sales--the after Christmas and New Years, oh dear we have to deo inventory and pay taxes on what's left sales. :)