Friday, November 12, 2010

Now where did I put that...

I'm not an organized person and have never claimed to be, but that doesn't mean my stuff is all over the place either. I have my own system, like most people probably do, and thankfully it works okay. I do sometimes wish I was more organized. I have friends that label things, filing them in color-coded files with the precision of a drill sergeant. I have other friends who make spreadsheets for fun and recreation. Those people boggle me. I admire their skill the way one might look up to a pro-athlete and know that I will never compete in their league. I'm actually not even qualified to sit on that bench.

My husband asks me if I'm filing receipts. I always nod and smile brightly and then as soon as he steps out of my office, I shove them all into a folder and scrawl something across the tab in black Sharpie marker like Writing Exp 2010. I have no doubt that this will, indeed, some day be the death of him as he likes to proclaim.

I do what I can organizationally and while I dream of better things, I know my limitations. What are yours? Are you uber organized or furiously stuffing papers in a shoebox when no one's looking?

PS. That is NOT my office. No matter what my husband may have told you.

ETA: The winner of the copy of "Morning Glory" from Amanda's Wednesday post is...drumroll, please...Andy!
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  1. I have manila folder after manila folder and sticky notes and written outlines. It's a mess. Would love to get more organized and maybe even use OneNote. Someday...

  2. I've come to realize that organization is an aspiration that I won't achieve. Unfortunately, your picture does look like my home office.

  3. I have great aspirations of being organized. I buy flexible multi-pocket folders for keeping my queries organized. I create spreadsheets and databases. I have every intention of sorting all this stuff as I go, so I won't have to try and figure it out later. But, to paraphrase my father, intentions are for doodle. I start out fine, but sooner or later, my aspirations fall apart and I'm left with an office like the picture up there. (And I have an envelope marked 'receipts'. It's laying under a pile of receipts.)

  4. I painstakingly name all my files. Unfortunately, they are named things like:

    Other Stuff
    Son of Stuff
    Stuff, Part Deux

  5. That chair does not look comfortable.

  6. I have an envelope that I stuff everything into and clean it out at the end of the year. Really, what more do I need?