Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New directions

So, as some of you may have seen, I've been absent from here lately. My life has been in a crazy state of flux--the day job ended in early October, so I'm freelancing, writing and teaching. It's adjustment, to say the least. I set my own schedule. I work at Panera somedays, surrounded by retirees and stay-at-home moms. Other days, I work at home, nestled comfortably on my couch in my jammies.

I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, the annual monthlong writing challenge that pushes you to write a book in November. This year, I'm taking a big risk and writing a story that is very, veeeerrry different for me. An adult thriller featuring a kick-ass heroine.

It's been a couple of months of change. But I've learned a lot about myself through these challenges. I can take risks. I can self-motivate. I can put my mind to a task and succeed. Is everything perfect? Snort. Man I wish. Life is never going to be perfect. But I took a bad situation and am trying to run with what I have.

To those of you facing big changes--you have a well of strength and resourcefulness in you that is greater than you know. Embrace change. Use it as a chance to reinforce your awareness of your strengths. And be prepared to be flexible.

To those of you also writing, we can do it!!! Let's kick some ass and take some names this month. And don't be afraid to write something completely new. You never know--it could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.


  1. Change is good. Especially when you discover something new about yourself!

  2. We're behind you all the way. You are a dynamo!