Friday, November 19, 2010

The Prince Chooses a Bride

As a young girl, I was fascinated with Shy Di--the school teacher affianced to the future King of England, Prince Charles. The engagement, the wedding, and the emergence of Diana, Princess of Wales, as a humanitarian with so much grace were all riveting during my formative years.  

As it turned out, her marriage was not a happy one nor do I think Charles is ever going to get a crack at that throne--but through it all, Diana has continued, beyond her death, to be an icon to me. 

And boy did she love her children. 

They are all grown up now, and Prince William--possibly the future King of England has proposed to his girlfriend of seven years. She wears Diana's ring now, and though that marriage ended badly--perhaps even began badly, I have to think Diana would be pleased. She would want her son to use that symbol that had stood for so much hope and so many expectations, I think. I find myself riveted once again. I hope Kate isn't forever in the shadow of William's mother--but I hope she learns what she can from the legacy that Diana left her sons and her country. 


  1. Amanda Brice9:48 AM

    From what I've read, I really like Kate. And of course there will always be Diana's legend hovering over her, but her story is much more fairytale. She's a commoner -- Diana was nobility. Only time will tell, but she has the potnetial to be even more of a People's Princess than her late future-mother-in-law.

  2. I wish them happiness! I remember how excited everyone was about Diana's wedding -- the dress, the cathedral, every detail... I wonder if that will all happen again?

    I actually saw Diana once, very briefly, when she was attending a ballet premiere and I was across the street behind a barricade waiting for a glimpse... She didn't much like the press, but she loved the public, and made sure to wave at us all before she went in. :-)

  3. Amanda Brice11:17 PM

    Now maybe he'll stop calling me. ;)

  4. Cara--your last line made me tear up a little.