Monday, November 29, 2010

It’s Cyber Monday


So, in continuing the discussion of fake retail holidays... it’s Cyber Monday.  I’m not sure if you care—I know I don’t.  I do love shopping, but frenzied and forced “retail holidays” tend to turn me off rather than on.  I sat out Black Friday, Recovery Saturday, and Last Chance Sunday.  If there had been an incredible deal somewhere I might have been tempted to step outside and take a shot.  But nothing in any of the sales circulars seemed worth my time.

I DO love to shop, and I’m notoriously frugal.  (We don’t say cheap… not if we like our teeth.)  Bagging a bargain, for me, feels like a huge victory.  I leave Peter Harris with my bright yellow bags as if I am returning from the great hunt, sweaters and jeans aloft, a spring in my step.  Best part?  I don’t have to skin anything to enjoy the spoils.

imagesCADHGF9ASo today is another fake retail holiday… which, let’s face it, is just as good as the other fake holidays.  I am perfectly happy to find great deals on eBay or amazon or anywhere else.  But I’m serving notice on the rest of you—I’M TALKING TO YOU SITTING IN THAT OFFICE CHAIR NOT FREAKING WORKING, CHUM—shut down the internet trying to get the last Arnie the Electronic Armadillo with Flash Action Prehensile Tail—yeah, I’m coming for you.


  1. OMG, I love the armadillo. If my daughter was still small, I'd totally get her one for x-mas.

    I admit that I thought about shopping today. My gmail box was filled with 'sales' and 'special pricing' e-flyers this morning. However, I'm this close to finishing NaNo, so I won't be shopping long.

  2. I found my inbox overwhelming today. Too much cybering...wait...