Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Obsess Much?

So, I've recently figured out something about myself: I'm kind of obsessive. Not in a if-I-can't-have-you-nobody-will kind of way. No, I mean that when I find something I like, I tend to latch on to it and find as many other things like it as possible.

Case in point:

--if I find shoes, shirts, jeans, sweaters, or other articles of clothing I love, I will buy multiple colors of it.

--if I find an author I love, I feel a strong compulsion to read everything that person has written (which I suppose is a great way to support that author, LOL).

--if I like an actor or director, I want to watch every film of theirs to see their range of skills and how I personally rank the movies in comparison to each other.

--when I find a TV series I'm into, I'll get it on DVD and watch several episodes in a row...I like getting into the narrative without having commercial interruptions.

--if there's a song I dig, I'll listen to it over, and over, and over, and over again. And when I'm burnt out on that song, I'll find another song (preferably by the same musician) to listen to over, and over, and over again...

I'm not sure why this is. Maybe it's a sort of comfort in the familiar, but still finding a way to explore something new within what I kind of already know.

Do you do this? Are there any authors, or actors, or directors, or musicians who you find are auto-buys for you? If you find clothes or shoes you like, do you run out and get the same ones in different colors? Am I simply alone in my neuroticism? hahaha. Do share!!


  1. Clothes - Yup, I do the same thing. I have both short and long sleeve tees by the same brand in different colors.

    Books - I have been known to hunt down a new-to-author's entire backlist if I read a newer one I like.

    Music - Yep, there are songs I can listen to on repeat for hours. Which tends to drive other people nuts, lol.

    Movies - Sometimes do that, but not always. There are some directors or actors I love, but it's not as compulsive as with books.

  2. I think this is normal. I am the same way with actors and food. If I find a fave at a restauraunt it is always hard for me to branch out and try something else, cause I know I'm missing that great food that I love.

  3. Oh holy crap we're the same person.

    Seriously... EVERY SINGLE THING ON THAT LIST... I do, too.

    In fact, I recently discovered Criminal Minds in reruns and fell in love with Penelope Garcia... she reminds me a a little of myself when I was younger. So I saw the episode where she got shot and was so over-freaked that I was looking at the DVD store for that season the next day. LOL I just HAD to know what happened.

    But they aired the next episode last night. YAY!!

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Okay, wonderful. I knew I was a control freak, now you've shown me I'm obsessive, too. Tell you what, let's just form a club with your examples as membership rules, and then we can all call ourselves normal! :)

  5. Um. Alrighty then. lol

  6. Look out, Rhonda is a bunny boiler!

  7. I do that with clothes, especially staple items like long sleeve tees and turtle necks...I found some great ones this year that had a cotton poly blend and bought them in a bunch of colors. I found some pants too at Old Navy...THE most comfortable cargo pants ever...had to have them in every color (though they only had my size in 3 colors).

  8. I do things like that, too. For instance, I just watched the mini-series Alice on the SyFy channel and liked it so much, I went on their website to learn more about it and the actors. Which, of course, led me on an Internet search for more on the actor who portrays Hatter. Remember the name Andrew Lee Potts - I think we'll be seeing more of him. (He's also in the tv show Primeval)

    And yes, I do this with authors, too. Could be the reason why my tbr pile looks more like Mt Everest.