Monday, December 28, 2009

holiday traditions

Every year, we try to catch a couple of movies over the Christmas holiday. (Like most everyone else, it seems...) This year, I saw IT'S COMPLICATED Christmas night with a girlfriend and then the family went to see SHERLOCK HOLMES over the weekend.

Both movies were fun and I would highly recommend seeing them. The kids saw AVATAR as well and they've been dying to take me to see it ever since.

Do you do holiday movies? What movies did you see this year?


  1. Amanda Brice9:03 AM

    I watched DVDs, if that counts. My mom and I (and baby Amber) had a girls night in the basement of my house and watched "White Christmas" and "Little Women."

    the baby sleeps REALLY well when a movie is on.

  2. I saw AVATAR last night. OMG you have to go see it. HAVE TO. It's so incredible.

    I like watching all those stop-animation movies, like Rudolph and such. :D

  3. I didn't see any movies in the cinema over the holidays, but did watch a number of Christmas movies at home: A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, Meet Me in St Louis, Polar Express, The Muppets Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story (twice!), Miracle on 34th Street (original B&W)...might have been one or two more. Finished a lot of craft projects during these viewings!

  4. In the theater this month we saw Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, and Blind Side. I loved all three... though Avatar probably not as much as other people did. I liked it, but it was not as huge a hit for me. Holmes was da bomb, but it's more my thing to begin with. And I loved Blind Side.

    I want to see Nine now. :)

  5. We hardly ever go to the movies. :(

  6. Jennifer Russell4:33 PM

    I, too, saw a number of movies. Watched a few DVD's, including Paper Heart (cute movie). Saw It's Complicated in the theater (good . . . but not great). Hope to see Sherlock Holmes and Nine before the week is over.

  7. Amanda Brice6:10 PM

    I'm absolutely DYING to see Nine and Sherlock Holmes.

    Maybe when my mom comes back next week (she's already experienceing grandbaby withdrawal and she only left this morning) I'll have her watch the little one and I'll go have a date with my hubby and see one of them.

  8. I didn't go out either, but I watched a HUGE amount of old BBC costume dramas - Pride & Prejudice, Tom Jones, Wildfell Hall, Middlemarch etc.

    I'm dying to see Sherlock Holmes though, and will asap.