Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bundle Up, Buttercup!

Well winter finally showed up. Communities all around me have had snow, but as is usually the case, here on the harbor we just got lots of ice and freezing temps. Usually we get nothing when everyone else gets snow or snow when everyone else gets nothing. They call it The Harbor Effect. I call it a pain in the bum.

But I do sleep better in the cold. Something about being surrounded by chill and ice while I am snuggled in beneath a quilt makes me happy, cozy, and content. I sleep very soundly and am reluctant to leave my cuddly den. The lads-- Ahmed, Max, and Jeeves-- are compulsive snugglers in the cold weather. I more of less vanish completely. See that lump made of fur, arms, and pillows over there? That would be me. It's great. The vibration of the snoring acts like a Shiatsu massage.

I also hate bundling up when I leave the house, but I have to. Ahmed will actually grab me by the back of my jacket, haul me back, and wrap a scarf around my neck. So I've tried to make a habit of wearing scarves, and it's a good idea. Keeps me toasty and healthy. I don't feel the cold the way most people do, but it can still hurt me. So I probably have more scarves than ten normal people. At this point I may count as a collector. I also have some nice coats with hoods. I hate hats unless they are baseball caps. Woolen hats drive me nuts.

Gloves on the bitter cold days, too. I don't like them and try to avoid them. I've always had a weird thing about my hands being covered or hidden. No likey. If I am forced to make a choice I'll go gloves rather than mittens... at least I can see my finger-shapes in gloves and they don't slide all over the place. I think mittens look cute but they make me feel completely handicapped. And I have long, skinny fingers (unlike the rest of me). Most gloves create a sort of webbing effect on me, refusing to tuck up tight between my fingers. Annoying. Warm, but annoying.

But winter is here, so I will be bundling. How about you? Mittens or gloves? Hats or hoods? Scarves or snoods?


  1. I'm a bundler too. And I looooove scarves. Definitely not digging the bitter cold. LOL

    Stay warm, tootsie!

  2. Dogs, if possible. If not, then coats.
    Woolen hats even though they make me itch because I don't like having my peripheral vision blocked in hoods (raincoats with hoods are a different story because I hate umbrellas more than I hate not being able to see)
    Microfleece scarves because wooly ones make me itch.
    And nothing keeps my hands warm. I've tried every glove and mitten out there and my fingers still freeze. Pockets work best. Maybe I need a nice fur muff.

  3. Triple pantyhose. Scarves. Hat and gloves. Furlined boots. Huge knitted sweaters. And yeah, telling myself that looking like the Michelin man is very sexy...

    That said, we haven't gotten any real winter here this year. It's very strange.

  4. I'm such a snuggle bunny when it gets cold...and my sweet pug Ruby is a snuggler, too. She's all about crawling beneath the covers and parking her butt as close to me as possible. It makes it very hard to get out of bed in the morning!

    I have 1's bright red and totally me. I want a hot pink one, but haven't found the exact right one yet.

    I always wear gloves. If my hands get cold, I never warm up. So me and Isotoner get along really, really well.

  5. I love knitting scarves. Just saying.

  6. I am the heater around here. Hubby will go wherever I am (blanket in hand) to snuggle. Our daughter does the same.

    I agree with you on sleeping better in the cold. This is my favorite time of year. I love the cold, probably a product of Deep Southern living.

  7. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Blanket and hot chocolate. I forgo the scarves, mittens and such. I will wear my fleece jacket when it is chilly enough. I dress in layers to go out.

  8. I learned how to knit a few years ago and knitted myself a wool-blend watch cap, scarf and mittens. I was never a hat person because hats didn't stretch the right way or cover the right things but the home-made, hand-knitted wool hat? It converted me. I look forward to the cold so I can wear my wool hat.

    At this moment, my mother in law is knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for me to wear at work and my toes are wiggling cozy and warm in a pair of hand-knitted wool socks. I'm going to go into the kitchen and make a cup of tea.

  9. This time of the year I sleep good too, which is a relief because I suffer from insomnia the rest of the year.

    My hands ache in the cold, so I try to stay in the habbit of wearing gloves. I have fingerless ones for typing.


  10. We had 18 inches of snow dumped on us in last week's blizzard, so I'd me more than happy to share. *g* I am definitely a bundler, at least two layers under my coat. I have to wear a scarf from Oct-March or my neck aches from the cold, and my hands are so sensitive to the cold that I wear both gloves and mittens (that way my hands are covered in case I need to remove mittens for some reason). I can't stand hats, but both coats have hoods and I am not adverse to adding earmuffs if it gets really cold.