Wednesday, February 04, 2009

scandal, Scandal, SCANDAL!!

Good grief, this is a week for scandal in the news, and it's only Wednesday. LOL. Okay, where do I start?

First, did you guys hear about Michael Phelps, who I guess had been photographed back in November with, um, drug paraphernalia? Yikes...that's gonna affect his endorsements and such now, I bet. *shakes head*

Second, Christian Bale was taped spewing a huuuuuge curse-word-filled rant at the director of photography on the set of Terminator 4. (Warning, wear headphones...the rant is NSFW, or children, or anyone who doesn't want to hear a massively cuss-filled rant!!). Dude. I am so, so horrified and disappointed after listening to it, especially since he was one of my all-time favorite actors...just ask the Manpanion how much I loved his movies. I hope I never get that elitist and believe that I'm more important than other people. I hope I never feel I can be so insulting and hateful to someone for making a mistake (and yes, the DP shouldn't have messed up like that, but Bale's rant was NOT justified). Wow. Buddy, you have lost my respect for such disgraceful behavior. Unbelievable. :-(

Third, speaking of people who have lost my respect, Stephen King will not see another penny of my money, which is awful because I used to be such a HUGE fan. And why is that? Because he felt it was perfectly acceptable to publicly insult a fellow author. For me, the problem isn't whether or not Meyer is a good writer--we've seen that people have widely varying opinions about the matter, which is totally fine. It's about having respect for your peers and not trashing them as if you're better than them. I don't care HOW many books you have under your belt, or how long you've been writing, it's rude. When did it become cool and acceptable to trash your peers, except in politics? LOL I'm kidding. I sense I may be in the minority for disliking his comments about Meyer's writing, but so be it. It seems unprofessional to me for him to do that--but this will just help reinforce for me what I think is the proper way to treat my colleagues, yanno?

Fourth, Barack Obama admitted he thinks "he screwed up", and people are in one of two camps about him using that phrasing: 1) they either love that he's being refreshingly open and honest, or 2) they are horrified that someone in his position used such "unprofessional" words, especially since the day before he had persisted in supporting Daschle.

So, how do you guys feel about these scandals? Have an opinion to add to the conversation? Let's hear it!


  1. Honestly, I've got too much going on in my own life to worry about what celebrities are doing, you know? That doesn't stop me from being disappointed in them, but people are people. They screw up, they make mistakes, they get angry, they lie. It happens.

  2. I think this kind of goes to show people that idolizing celebs and other powerful/well-known people is a bad idea. Why not make the person you admire someone in your family who has done something incredible? Or a regular person who steps up when an emergency situation calls for help and does his/her best?

  3. Rhonda, I am totally with you on the trashing of fellow authors in so public a forum. If you are someone in King's position, you really should keep that opinion private, you know? I think he just opened himself up to a lot of backlash by making such inflammatory statements.And why? What made him make this statement? It's just so out of the blue. Scratching my head.

  4. Margay, I was wondering what prompted this, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  5. Actually, I don't have a problem with writers talking straight about other writers. He had an opinion, and I don't think being the same profession should mean we aren't allowed to give it. Another writer friend and I were talking just today about the tendency of writers to just blow sunshine at each other until it all sounds like a big mutual admiration society. Where I draw the line is if the comments get personal. But what it seems he expressed was that he didn't like her books. I think that's fair, and I respect him being willing to say it even knowing she has a legion of fans who will defend her.

  6. Fair enough, Nixy. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and thanks for sharing yours!

    I don't think writers should be falsely praising of people, but I do think sometimes, staying silent is a better approach. And I still wonder what brought on his comment in the first place--it would be good to know the context...

  7. Amanda Brice12:30 PM

    Re: Stephen totally depends on the context. If he was asked "what do you think of Stephanie Meyers" he should answer honestly (and not feel the need to compliment her simply because she's a fellow author) or evasively if he wanted to be a little more tactful, but there's no reason to go overboard in your criticism. A simple "I'm not really a fan" would suffice (unless asked to do a full-blown review in the capacity of being a book reviewer). And if he brought up his criticism on his own without being asked, well, that's just tacky.

    Re: Obama admitting he screwed up...honestly, after 8 years of GWB refusing to take responsibility for any mistakes, I think it's refreshing.

  8. Amanda, good call on Stephen King. I'm with ya on how that could have been handled. Thanks for sharing!!

    re: Obama...I thought it was refreshing, too. I'm glad to see when people step forward and accept responsibility for mistakes.

  9. Honestly -
    Scandal 1 - What do you expect when we treat the kid like a Movie Star? Its sad.

    Scandal 2 - Pathetic... its not Shakepeare its T4 just make the movie already.

    Scandal 3 - Stephen obviously never heard "if you can't say anything nice than be quiet". I don't like it when people pick on others - jealous maybe.

    Scandal 4 - Is this really a scandal? He made a mistake and he admitted it. Just don't make this a habit and the American people will respect you for owning up to the occasional oops!

    Sorry I had some time on my hands.

  10. I know there has been some debate on the Stephen King scandal. This is what he actually said. Taken from the web.

    "The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn," King told USA Weekend magazine, comparing "Harry Potter" writer J.K. Rowling and the "Twilight" mastermind.

    Hope this helps clear up what he said.

  11. Marnie--I agree with you. LOL. I love your points. :D

  12. Good post.

    1. Phelps- I am kinda disappointed because I do feel that young kids look up to him and although he's young he's getting a lot of money and should handle things better. Choose your friends wisely. Picture selling friend should be beat.

    2. Bale- Should chill and learn how to treat people. It's just awful. Makes you think there was something to his family calling the cops on him before.

    3. King- I understand having your opinion but there is a way to say it and the fact that he has enjoys huge success and is is a much higher place than her to me says that he should not trash her writing. He could have said that she has her audience and fans but it's not my type of writing. Whatever. What is this an east coast/west coast feud?

    4.Barack- I'm a huge Barack supporter but was disappointed by his poor vetting and was very happy after Bush never admitting mistakes that he came out and said he screwed up. It teaches that yeah you can go back and fix a mistake and not just stick with it and let it keep snowballing.

  13. Kwana--very good points. Thank you for your thoughts!

  14. I think King's comments, taken in entirety, are less offensive and I have to say I agree with him.

    As for Phelps... I'm disappointed. But if it has happened in my state it would not have even been illegal. I'm much MORE saddened by drunk driving (which he also did), which endangers others.

    And Bale... I was kind of surprised but then, if he was in the middle of a pivotal scene and got interrupted for a light malfunction that wasn't a big deal?? He was definitely rude, though.

    I can be, too. :p

  15. Chrissy, excellent point re: drunk driving. that's a true, true tragedy. :-(

  16. I think saying "I don't care for her writing." and "She can't write worth a darn." are two different things. Even "I didn't like the book at all." is less offensive than basically saying she has no talent as a writer.

    Of course everyone should have opinions, but sticking to the book or the style is more professional than saying an author can't write.

    An example would be the difference between me saying, "Stephen King's actions lacked professionalism." or me saying "Stephen King isn't a nice person." One is personal.

  17. Ha, Gwen said what I've been thinking. :-)

    Whether someone can or can't write--aside from basics like "this isn't even a known language"--is soooo subjective. I've read a few books recently that really disappointed me, but I don't feel it's reasonable to dismiss them with "the author can't write" because they've sold well, lots of people love them, and who am I to be the Writing Judge of the World (what? it could be a real title).

    Stephen King is, obviously, entitled to his opinion and all that, but he could have phrased it in a way that's less gratuitously insulting.

  18. Gwen, Imogen, thank you--you guys summed it up very nicely and much more calmly than I did. ((hugs)) well said.

  19. What the hell was Phelps thinking? I mean, hey smoke all the pot you want, but don't get caught and most of all don't let some ass take your picture. The guy might be able to swim, but he doesn't seem to bright.

  20. Hmm, I hadn't read about the King stuff before, but he's not wrong. Meyer's a decent storyteller (I own and have read all the Twilight series) but she's not a good writer. She even says so. FWIW, he also insulted Dean Koontz and James Patterson, both of whom IMO, write drivel.

    As for the others. Phelps is a kid and lots of kids smoke dope. I don't see the BFD. Likewise with Bale; he's known to be a diva. IMO, the person who leaked the recording of the rant to the media is the one to blame. What happens on set should stay on set, when it comes out, the magic of the movies is gone. The president saying he screwed up doesn't even rate a scandal. Had he used saltier language, perhaps.

    I guess my scandal meter is not tuned to the public right now, but I think all of these are total nonstarters.

  21. Jen--good point, ROFL. Maybe avoiding getting your pic taken with a bong is a good way to go if you're gonna do that. hahaha

    Connie, thanks for chiming in.