Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review of GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead is a young adult paranormal novel by Daniel Waters that came out in May 2008.

Phoebe, the heroine of the story, is a goth girl with a major crush...on a zombie. In this era, which seems to be set slightly in the future, saying the word "zombie" isn't PC--the current favored term is "living impaired" or "differently biotic." haha

Not that Phoebe's fellow schoolmates want, or accept, these "living-impaired" students, which are flocking to Oakvale in increasing numbers. And unfortunately for these new students, there aren't any laws that protect the rights of these teens who have come back from the dead (oh, and for some reason, it's only American teenagers who are returning).

But Phoebe can't help but feel drawn to the mysterious zombie, Tommy. Which is unfortunate for Phoebe's football jock friend, Adam, who's crushed on Phoebe forever. Nor is it accepted by fellow goth friend Margi.

And there are others out there who want to get rid of all zombies...permanently.

I read this novel in one day. It was killer awesome and very addictive--the dialogue and banter was quite funny and spot-on, but there were surprisingly dark moments in the story that gripped me, as well. It wasn't as gross as I thought it was going to be--the zombies weren't trying to eat brains or anything. LOL.

The story actually had a lot of heart and romance, and the subplot revolving around the rights of the zombies was quite emotional and gut-wrenching to read. I liked seeing how the first zombie came about and how society is trying to deal with their existence.

The bad guy in the book is soooo cruel, but very fleshed out and realistic. I loved to hate him. And the end of the book really threw me for a loop--I was NOT expecting it, but I really liked it! The ending also left some questions that I expect may be resolved in book 2 of the series--Generation Dead: Kiss of Life. That one comes out in May of this year.

I'm eager to pick up the next in the sequel (and it doesn't hurt that I looove the covers)!! Mr. Waters has written a fantastic story. Even if you're not into zombies, I hope you guys give it a chance!!


  1. that looks fantastic! I wonder if it's on fictionwise yet. Off to look.

  2. No kidding. I thought it was a GREAT book!!

  3. Amanda Brice2:07 PM

    I saw the cover of this a while back and laughed out loud. Looks super fun, even if I don't like zombies.

  4. Zombies creep me out. I'm not sure this book would work for me.

  5. Allright, I may pick this up today just out of curiosity. I need stuff to read for the next 10 days.