Friday, February 06, 2009

Pick my title and become a character in my book.

Here is my "working" blurb for the current WIP, and so far, I've been calling it A Boy for Every Season--but it just doesn't have that elusive It, if you know what I mean.

Layney Logan doesn't swim in the high school dating pool--period. She'd rather avoid the questionable warm spots in the water and focus on the important things--like getting into college and running the high school newspaper. So when her arch-nemesis and co-chief editor (who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend),Jimmy Foster, suggests she do a feature story about what girls are really looking for in boys she wants to run for the hills. What's worse, he wants her to go on twelve blind dates with the boys the paper is photographing for a fundraiser calendar.

The one thing Layney dislikes more than dating is letting Foster think he got to her, so she takes the assignment to prove she's more than over him. The trouble is, she is learning a little more about herself on every blind date--the good, bad, and ugly (sometimes scary) ones. And the more she learns about Layney Logan, the more she wonders if Foster's known her better all this time.

So--we've got two intrepid high school reporters, twelve blind dates of doom, a calendar of hunks (and some not so hunky), a newspaper staff of chaos, two people who hate each other but probably should never have broken up, and Mr. March--a total hottie skater boy who throws his hat in the ring. And a big secret Layney's been hiding for four years and it's the REAL reason she and her arch nemesis broke up.

So...give me some titles! If I end up using yours, you get to be a character in the book--one of the reporters for The Follower, Layney's high school newspaper. I'll send you a questionaire and make a character dossier of you. Not in high school anymore? That's okay--you'll get a second chance at sixteen and be immortalized in a young adult novel.

Let's hear them.....


  1. Thirteen Boys, Twelve Dates, One Girl (Twelve Boys, One Girl)
    The Other Fish in the Sea
    Blind Dates Monthly
    Dates of Doom (and other reasons why I'm single)
    Boys, Bylines, and Secrets

    Some of these I like, others not so much. I feel like I should be able to make a pun with "date."

  2. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Hmmm, how about one of these:

    The Calender Dates

    The Dating Story

    12 Dates in 12 Days *or however many days*

    Serial Dating

    Dates of the Week *or Month*

    Dating With Her Eyes Shut

    --Dara England

  3. Bylines and blind dates


    Dateline Discovery

    Hot off the Presses

    Undercover secrets


    Saving Typeface

    Letters to the Editor

    voted most likely to...

  4. You guys rock! Keep em coming.

  5. "One Dozen Dates till Love"

    Good luck finding the perfect title!

  6. Assignment: Live, Learn, Love (or one of those)
    To date or not to date
    Dare/Dared to Date

    Yeah, I suck at picking titles. But the book sounds cool! Good luck finding the title, Gwen!

  7. Read All About It

    Tales of an Unwilling Calendar Girl

    Contact Sheet



    Pretty Posers All In a Row

    Dating Myself/Herself

    Against the Wall

    Um... Yeah, I got nuthin'.

    Good luck, though!


  8. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Actually, I like "The Follower".

  9. Boy Of The Month
    Off The Record

    I got nothing.

  10. I like Undercover Secrets.

    How about:

    Follow Me Down
    Blind Trouble
    Hot Lead
    Hot Topic
    High School Confidential

  11. Elaina9:09 AM

    Twelve Blind Dates ( off of 12 Blind Mice)

  12. The first thing that popped into my head was:

    The Deep End of the School

    *shrug* If I think of anything else, I'll be back.

  13. Date to Day
    Date expectations
    The Date Files

  14. Oooh, The Dating Files!

  15. Anonymous10:23 AM

    How about just:
    Datelines and Deadlines?

    I can't just keep calling it "BOY"?


  16. Boys 14 - Me 0

    Treading the Sea of Boys

    Drowning...A Viable Option

    Help Me Breathe

    Help! Life Jacket Malfunction

  17. Anonymous11:09 AM

    High School Hot Sheet
    Cereal Dating
    High School Exposé

    *side note* I actually was on a high school newspaper back when, so you'd think I'd have better suggestions for a title, huh? lol Oh well...maybe I'll think of something later.


  18. This line:

    The one thing Layney dislikes more than dating is letting Foster think he got to her, so she takes the assignment to prove she's more than over him.

    Made me think: So Over You

  19. Anonymous12:51 PM


    Laney's Dozen

    Discovering Laney

    A girl, A Calendar and Twelve lessons in love


  20. So far, I'm whittled to:
    (but keep them coming)

    Dating With Her Eyes Shut
    So Over You
    Hot Topic
    High School Confidential
    Boy Of The Month
    Tales of an Unwilling Calendar Girl
    Dates of Doom (and other reasons why I'm single)
    Boys, Bylines, and Secrets
    The Dating Files
    Datelines and Deadlines

  21. Anonymous1:12 PM

    He Knew My Secrets
    The Guy She Didn't Want
    Twelve Hot Dates- One Mistake or
    Twelve Hot Dates- One Secret
    The Secret She Keeps
    Calendar Boys and a Teenage Girl
    Teaching Layney
    Layney Rediscovered
    My Twelve Blind Dates: A Teen's Diary
    My Twelve Blind Dates: A Heartbroken Teen's Diary
    Unbelievable: The Story How I let THE ONE Get Away.
    Whatever.(had to do that one just because it would be an interesting title.. it means nothing but it could come to be associated with Gwen Hayes!)

    OK... I'm done.

    April Morelock

  22. Anonymous3:17 PM

    12 Blind Dates.

    Seeley deBorn

  23. A few more titles:

    Off the Record (possibly subtitled, "What Really Happened When I Dated the Calender Boys")
    Blind Dating for the Voluntarily Single

  24. wow i love some of these so much they sucked my creative juice away.

    Copy that

    I know what boys want (but isn't that a song?)

    paper doll

  25. ooooh nice! Adding to the list:

    Off the Record
    Paper Doll

    I'm going to leave this open for a few days, so keep checking back to see who I pick in case I can't find you.

  26. oooooooh good list! if i think of anything cool, i'll let you know. :D

  27. How about:
    - Hottie off the Presses
    - Extra! Extra! How I Dated the Twelve Hottest Guys at School
    - Scooped by my Ex!
    - Conflict of Interests
    - Figure it Out in Editing...
    - How my Love Life Became Front Page News
    - No Comment...
    - Don't Quote Me on That...

    Just a few suggestions.

    Good Luck finding an awesome title! The story sounds like a cool idea.


  28. lol..these are all good. Going to be hard to choose just one.
    Whatever and Don't Quote Me on That fit her attitude really well too.

  29. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Don't Quote me on that is really cute for her. But I like So Over You, or its cousin, So NOT over you!

  30. I'm really getting quite stuck on
    So Over You

    Thanks to EVERYONE who played along. I really appreciate the feedback. Evie Byrne...I need your email. :)

  31. I don't have any new suggestions, but I did want to tell you my girls love your blurb. ;)

  32. That makes me EXTREMELY happy Loribelle!

  33. Amanda Brice10:54 AM

    So, what did you pick????