Friday, May 08, 2009

These Dreams

I had a strange dream that stuck with me this morning.

I was trying to take my kids to a movie. Carrie Fisher was the movie ticket girl--but that isn't the part I want to talk about even though it was kinda cool. Anyway, I sent the kids to get seats and I went to get the snacks. Long lines/not enough hands and general mayhem ensue at this point. I then tried to find the viewing room and got on this escalator that went so fast it spilled me and my accouterments at the bottom of it and it turns out that was the wrong place anyway--it was a hotel lobby. Then, the escalator that went back up was broken. By the time I found the right place, I had to find the kids in the dark and make everyone mad while I tried to get my seat. Then Oprah was there and the movie was over.

So--I looked up escalator on an online dream dictionary (interesting note: Carrie Fisher is not in the online dream dictionary) and found that escalator dreams symbolize moving through various levels of consciousness.

Only I don't think that's what my dream was about. I think my dream was about me realizing that my kids are growing up really, really fast. And that my life (the escalator) is keeping me from spending time with them because it is taking me away from them rather than towards them. And that I need to try and slow down and enjoy the teen years instead of stressing so much about where everyone is going and how they will get there (literally and symbolically).

Mother's Day is Sunday. As usual, what I want is not a lavish lunch in a restaurant with expensive gifts and well dressed kids on their best behavior. I want a day at the beach or up at Hurricane Ridge. Or maybe even croquet in the back yard. Mother's Day isn't just about appreciating Mom (though you should), it's also a day to appreciate being a mom for those of us who are.

And if someone sees Carrie Fisher, tell her I said hello.


  1. Happy early Mother's Day! We're doing a cookout for Rick's mom and sister.

  2. I'll be cooking brunch for my Mom -- you know, real hard cooking like buying cut fruit and prepared salad. And Sara Lee coffeecake. :-)

    From just the daughter perspective, I think moms should (ideally) not be hard to buy presents for. :-) (Pretty much anything I give my mom either she doesn't want, or she already has. Impossible!)

  3. Great dream interpretation. I'm with you, I was thinking about the beach. A picnic basket. Simple. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Amanda Brice9:14 AM

    Interesting dream!

    Hope you had a lovely Mom's Day. I was in SC for my grandmother's 90th birthday, which also happened to fall on Mother's Day.

  5. What an interesting dream!!!

    I had a good mom's day--ate and chilled with the family, and my daughter played in her orchestra concert.