Saturday, May 02, 2009

In the Company of Company

If you've been wondering where I'm hiding lately, I'm not. In another week or so a merry band of relatives (my father's sisters) will be arriving from Virginia and Tennessee. These women are wonderful, funny, warm, and incredible. I like them. Can you tell?

They are also all fantastic cooks. They're quilters, bakers, and probably candle-stick makers on the side. So no pressure.

Couple that with a lot of stuff going on in my life, my main squeeze being in Nova Scotia until next week, and a few complications with my critter-family, and I'm swamped. Yesterday was Beltane, one of my favorite holidays, and it's a bit of a circus around here.

On the up-side I happen to have inside information about The Fictionistas, and I can tell you all, gentle readers, that this joint is jumpin. So in slightly-belated celebration of May Day, I am making the following predictions for the summer:

Amanda Brice and Gwen Hayes are two milli-slivers from huge deals.
Rhonda Stapleton is headed for the best seller's list.
Mel Francis is headed for the best seller's list.
Kristen Painter is headed for the best seller's list, followed by a YA release that will top her adult best seller.
I'm going to try very, very hard to look like I belong around here... and hopefully do somewhere near as well.

SO anyway... I have chicken to fry, curtains to fix, floors to sweep, and a pleased grin to fak-- err-- wear. I'll be scarce, but only a thought and a prayer away.



  1. Crissy, of course you belong! You're a fixture, (nah, that makes you sound old)

    But you are definitely loved!

    Mwahs back.

  2. Dude, that's a lot to live up to. lol Have a great weekend and try not to overdo it!

  3. If you would finish that proposal up (it needs about ten minutes of your time) and send it off.......I'm just sayin. Ten minutes.

  4. ROFL dude, I love the way you think. ((hugs)) :D I'm sending major juju your way so things work out for you too. Oh, and WHAT GWEN SAID. Get it done and sent! LOL

  5. Amanda Brice3:52 PM

    What Gwen said. Get it done!