Friday, May 22, 2009

Highway to Hell--or conversely--the Danger Zone

I am about to buy a ticket to see Metric and it occurred to me that I don't go to nearly enough concerts--and the ones that I've gone to are all very, very strange. I mean, they're not odd in and of themselves, but if you mix em all together, you have to wonder what is up with the concert goer in question. I WANT to go to more shows--but living in the boonies makes it a pretty big undertaking. You have to be serious. The closest concerts arenas are a bridge (which is closed for a month now, so add an hour AT LEAST to the drive, a ferry, and a two hour drive away.

I'll probably forget some, but this is what I can remember in order:
  • Chicago (a comedian opened, don't remember who)
  • Journey (Outfield opened-best concert ever)
  • George Michael (it would still be years before I admitted I suspected he was gay all along--it was the Faith tour. Do you REMEMBER that jacket? and I don't have a clue who opened)
  • Bon Jovi with a Skid Row opener. There was A LOT of hair at that concert. I think it was 1989.
  • 2 Live Crew (really, I don't know why.)
  • AC /DC (I'm pretty sure nobody opened. Or we were late.)
  • Kenny Loggins. I took my mom.
  • Collective Soul
  • Depeche Mode
  • Aaron Tippin
  • Def Leppard and Journey (not the new lead singer and not the one the new lead singer replaced who replaced Steve was some other guy who only filled in for a few shows. He was cute but no Steve Perry. Or the guy who looked like Steve Perry. Or the new guy who looks nothing like Steve Perry but sounds more like Steve Perry than Steve Perry does.)
  • Loverboy-at a Casino. (the bandana lives)
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
See what I mean? If you look at my list, you would have no idea what kind of music I like. Well, except you could probably guess my age.

What was teh best concert you ever went to?


  1. Weirdly enough, what may have been the best concert I ever went to (or, at least, the best concert experience) was by a Genesis tribute band. The venue was tiny, so we were right up close, and everyone in the audience knew all the music. (And it's amazing music! Early Genesis. Heaven.)

    Though it may be tied with the first Thomas Dolby concert I ever went to. Dolby rocks!

  2. I've only ever been to one concert and I'm not sure that counts as it was the Beach Boys with my dad and my BFF when we were in high school.

  3. I haven't been to that many concerts, but my hands down favorite was Jimmy Buffet in Aurora, IL.

  4. I saw Prince (OMG I was in the 10th row, and he was SOOOOOO AWESOME).

    I also saw Tom Waits in the front row of a small venue--he puts on a GREAT show!

  5. Amanda Brice3:41 PM

    My mom took me to the Dirty Dancing tour when I was in 6th grade. It was excellent. Most of the bands and singers, and complete with dancers. Good times.

    I also adored the Paula Abdul concert I went to in 8th grade. Color Me Badd was the opening act. I had plans to be Paula when I grew up back then, but then she had to go become a total airhead on American Idol.

    The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 were pretty cool. Celine Dion performed at one of them, but I can't remember which. I can't remember who the bands were who performed at the other one, though.

    The best concert I've been to recently was definitely the "We Are One" free concert at the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Obama Inaugural festivities this past January. Highlights included U2, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, James Taylor, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, Usher, Stevie Wonder, and Shakira.

    That was AWESOME.

  6. Dropkick Murphys. Or possibly J Geils one-night-only re-opening of the House of Blues.

    We got a membership to the HOB when they reopened because, honestly, I would live there if they let me. :D

  7. Jennifer Russell6:35 PM

    One of my favorites has to be my first concert: Huey Lewis & the News. I went with a few relatives and my seats were in the second row.

    Another favorite was a Dave Matthews Band show I saw while in college. It was at an outdoor arena and my seats were not particularly close to the stage. But, it was a good show.

    One of my more memorable concert experiences was the America's Millennium Gala on the Mall in D.C. in 1999. There was an odd variety of performers on the bill. Everyone from Will Smith & Bono to John Fogerty & Don McLean.

  8. Amanda Brice11:26 AM

    The Millenium Gala was awesome, Jennifer!!! Don't forget Bebe Neuwirth! That was a fun night.

  9. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Jane's Addiction at the Paramount.
    Johnathon Richmond at the Backstage.
    David Bowie at the Tacoma Dome.
    Diamanda Galas at the Backstage.
    The Ramones and Debbie Harry "escape from NY tour" at the Paramount.
    The Butthole Surfers at the Moore.