Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

M is for the many things she gave you. You can make up the rest. But whatever you do, don't let tomorrow slip by without thanking a mom, even if you no longer have one. Mothers deserve so much more than a day!

I've always loved being an aunt and god-mother, but never wanted to have children of my own. Just as well, since I am unable to have them and adoption would be irresponsible for somebody with health issues. Still, I'm incredibly lucky to have wonderful children in my life. More-so, I think, than most people think. I get to send them home when they aggravate me, be the ear they need to bend, and buy them the thing that's a weenie bit expensive when they've earned it. It's a heck of a job and I wouldn't trade the kids in my life for anything.

As for mothers... I still have mine, thank goodness, but I also had some amazing women in my life during my formative years. My grandmothers-- including a great-aunt who will always count as a grandmother to me-- were astonishing, inspiring, phenomenal women. They were wind-sown feminists before feminism was a catch-word, taking root in the hedges and dales of the world, thriving where the wind blew them. They raised children without help, fostered families without expecting anything in return, and were artists without ever having their canvases acknowledged. I know they had stories, though they never knew a page. I've memorized them all. I know they could paint and draw, though no gallery ever featured them. Scribbles on the corners of newspapers delighted us when we sat on aging knees.

Carrie Virginia, Marie, Irene, and Elaine-- great, towering talents. Their canvases and manuscripts were their children.

Thanks. Love you. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Very touching post. I adopted a new mother when I turned 30.

  2. Hope everyone had a lovely mom-day.

  3. I did! I took my pack to the beach!

  4. Amanda Brice9:11 AM

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I love this post--happy mother's day!!