Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday memories, plus WINNERS of books!

Yesterday was my birthday, as Kristen mentioned. I'm now 32. The big 3-2. Yeah, I know it's not technically one of the "hallmark" birthdays, but whatev. LOL.

It's weird to think that one-half of my lifetime ago, I was a mere 16, having no idea where the twists and turns of life would take me. At that point, I still had NO idea what I wanted to do for a career. I was utterly, devastatingly in love with a fellow band member (obviously, that didn't pan out, haha). I also ate and ate and ate and had no clue my metabolism would ever slow down, LOL. *sigh*

When I was a teen, I liked high school, and I think it was a good time for me. I learned about myself during those years (something I neglected for a long time until just a few years ago, when I started to rediscover myself).

I learned about what kind of person I hoped to become (and how to improve the person I already was).

I learned about dealing with my peers, who were also on the brink of becoming adults (different people require different communication methods).

I also learned that adults weren't perfect (and thus, I should learn to accept people for who they are), and that life didn't always go as we wanted...or planned (so I'd better be flexible!).

Honestly, I'm grateful to be 32, carrying a lifetime of memories with me. I'm grateful that I went through so many weird experiences in school, that I REMEMBER what it felt like to be a teenager...because I think it helps me convey those emotions in my writing. And when I forget, I'm sure my 12-year-old daughter's experiences in middle school and high school will remind me. LOL!

So, what about you--do you still use some of the lessons from high school at your current age? What are the most important things you learned that you still carry with you?

Okay, let's also announce the winners from Monday's contest--each winner will receive his/her choice of a Colleen Gleason novel! And the winners are:



Congrats to you both!! Please email Mel ASAP at with your real names and mailing addresses, plus your choice of one of Colleen's books.


  1. Sadly, I barely remember yesterday, much less High School. LOL

    The one thing I do carry with me was something I discovered at my 10year high school reunion. Boy, whatever happened to me in high school really does not matter to me as an adult. And people who can't move past high school (there are those people out there) peaked in high school, and I'm so glad that wasn't me. I haven't peaked yet...but so far the climb has been fab.

  2. Oh yeah, and congrats to the winners! My youngest son picked you guys out of a hat!

  3. One of the most important things I learned in high school was not to care what other people think. It's okay to be yourself as opposed to a sheep.

  4. Mel--good call on how things in high school don't usually affect life OUTSIDE of school. It's weird how that drama and stuff doesn't matter anymore!

    Kristen--good point on the inviduality thing, too! That's a hard lesson to learn, especially when you're of the age where you seek the approval of your friends.

  5. Kristen, good lesson, although I'm not sure I learned that until AFTER high school, unfortunately.

    Happy belated birthday, Rhonda!

    Congrats to the winners of the drawing!

  6. I have my 20 year reunion in a couple of weeks, so I've been ruminating a lot about high school too.

    I wish I'd been as insightful as Rhonda when I was sixteen--I think I was more of a sheep.

  7. I learned lots of things while I was in high school...I learned how to pick your friends and how to tell a true friend from someone who just wants something from you, I learned how important family is, and I learned about love and how there are times that it can hurt. The most important thing that I took from high school is that your parents are often right even when you disagree...okay, this may have came a bit after high school and I do wish that was something that I had learned in high school. I, also, wish I was as insightful as Rhonda at that time.

    Oh, I am so excited that I won. I am sending an email to Mel right now!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say congrats to SM2 and thanks to Colleen Gleason and the Fictionistas!!

  9. I don't think I was THAT insightful as a 16-year-old...but I at least retained SOME things that I've built upon as I've grown older.

  10. I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RHONDA!!!