Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phrased Out

Words are fun. Mostly. Some annoy. Keep reading and see if you agree.

Phrases/words that should be revived:
Dig it - Because that's just cool
Groovy - It's fun to say. Try it.
Righteous - Makes cool kinda holy, you dig?

Phrases/words that should be abolished:
My bad - Really? Your bad what? Bad leg? Bad hair? Bad vocabulary skills?
Moist - personal preference
Ax, as in "Ax your mother." (unless you really mean to imply someone's mother should be killed) - Come on, people. It's ASK, not ax. An ax is a tool, not a verb. Learn it.

Phrases/words that are all right as they are:
Cool - Timeless
Word - As in you agree that what someone just said was righteous.
Props - Giving credit where credit is due.

Phrases/words we need to start using:
Kitteh - A chicks version of dawg. Ex: "Yo, what up, kitteh?" (Props to Mel on this one.)
Kerfluffle - An altercation of some sort. Ex: "That last brownie caused quite a kerfluffle between Gwen and Amanda."

Have anything you'd like to add to a list?


  1. HAH--I say lots of things, but I don't know if they should be added to a general lexicon.

    I agree with the "ax" thing..."supposably" is another mispronunciation that drives me bonkers.

    It's "supposedly." Please, please, please say it right. Every time someone says "supposably," baby Jesus cries. Okay, he COULD be crying...

  2. I agree on "supposably" - didn't they make fun of that on Friends or Seinfeld?

  3. Oh Kitteh, you've outed my pet name for you.

    I am a big proponent of saying Cheezus instead of Jesus. Just because it makes me laugh.

  4. I think "ain't" should be punishable by jail.

    I see the word "nevertheless" all the time in writing, and never hear it in conversation. So, if I ever hear anyone actually say that word, I will probably faint.

    I hate when people say, "I seen it with my own eyes," or something like that. That is SO hilly billy.

  5. Oh yeah, and I have this phrase I have said my whole life: "Oh brother." And another I picked up from my FIL: "Holy Moly."

  6. I think the word "actually" should be abolished (in all forms, including actual.) It is completely overused in conversation to the point where people don't even know they're doing it. One should be cattle-prodded every time they say the word.

    Case in point: We parked in a meter last night to go to a market in the South End of Boston and a guy in a valet uniform came up and said...

    Guy: Are you actually going into Sage? (restaurant)

    Me: No, I'm going to the market. Is this not a meter?

    Guy: Well, actually, it actually is valet after 6:00 p.m.

    Me: I'm just going in for five minutes. Where can I park if I can't use a meter?

    Guy: You can actually double-park. There's actually a parking lot three blocks over.

    At this point, I got back into the car before my head exploded.

  7. I totally agree wit you, yo!

    However, I am known to have my own Jax-isms...which my boyfriend laughs at me. I swear, I live in a whole different world in my head.

    My personal fave is "chu" instead of you...whenever I hear that in a song I am so turned off I don't listen to it.

    So I "ax" you this, if you ever catch me saying any of those words that should be abolished..can you please kick my butt!

  8. Bon Jovi is bad with the "chu". It's kind of fun tou replace the word "you" with "chew" (as in tobacco) in random songs. Well for me it's fun.

    I add "ing" or "ed" or "eth" to words to make them my own (writering, typeded, forevereth). I also like splitting random words with "to the" (awe to the some, f to the unny).

    Great post! I could do this all day.

  9. Hey, Kitteh Kristen, "my bad" is totally groovy! The "bad" is temporarily dressing up in noun clothes, parading around and doing a little righteous exploring and experimenting. Dig it? Let it be -- unless you want it speaking words of wisdom outside your window some night.

    Or unless you want to have a kerfluffle with me. Do you? Do you? Because I'll bring it. You bring it. And I'll bring it. And we'll kerfluffle all over each other.

    BTW, Mindy, I actually say "nevertheless" all the time. Then again, I also say "surfeit" and "paucity" whenever I can, which may tell you something...

    What I hate is "literally" used merely as an intensifier. "Dude, mom's head, like, literally exploded." Okay, better get the mop.

    Words I want to add to our collective vocabulary:

    ept -- as the opposite of inept, e.g. "wow, the way you mopped the floor after mom's head exploded -- that was totally ept!"

    Supermodel Bad -- as bad as the acting skills of a supermodel, e.g. "Kevin Costner can sort of act. I mean, he's not supermodel bad."

    Cara :-)

  10. Of course the brownie caused a kerfuffle. Dude, it's the last brownie. As much as I love Gwen, if it's the last one, it's on.

  11. Oh, and I *actually* use "nevertheless" in conversaiton. ;)

  12. I will literally go nuc-U-lar if I don't get that brownie.

  13. I dig using groovy phrases, Kitteh! Word. Props to Mel if part of that cool idea was hers. It's righteous. But let's not go overboard and cause a kerfuffle.

    Seriously... laughed out loud at Kitteh in place of Dawg...

  14. You don't hear ax or supposably as much in Canada... but someone I know, who should really know better, says libary all the time and it makes me CRAZY. Dude! (I mean, Kitteh!) You're a writer, learn how to say library.

    Oh, and Mel... Years ago I was at a Christmas party where this woman brought a cheeseball formed into an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes with a halo... She called it the Baby Cheezus.

  15. Oh kitteh! I can't believe I actually forgot this. People 'round these parts say Wal-MarKs instead of Wal-Mart all the time. Makes my ears bleed.

    Maureen, I would literally support the bringing of a Baby Cheezus to any holiday festivity.

  16. Oh gawd. I actually used nevertheless today. UGH! But I'm all for being back phrases like "word" and "snap" I'm always pulling stuff like that out of my back pocket and my kids look at me like I'm crazy. And they're all like "Ma, why you be beasting?" and I'm like, "What, why you gotta be so wack? Word."

  17. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Kwana, you're cracking me up!

    AX is BADBADBAD up here. No, BAD.

  18. Oh my goodness. Dudes, I had no idea so many people say, "Nevertheless." Maybe it's a Northern word. We are much more laid back in FL, y'all. Lol!! By the way, when I do talk, I have no accent.

  19. AX is a pet peave of mine, too.

    "Where's it at?" <-- um, stop, please.

  20. Where's it at?" <-- um, stop, please

    I wish I could. But I can't. Even when my husband answers 'Between the a and the t." (which I hate)

    Yes. I am a lost cause.