Friday, July 18, 2008


I am the walrus

is a very weird song, right?

What is an eggman?

And why do I care?

Because it's stuck in my head

And I can' t escape.

What is the reason

that I'm writing in haiku

on this random day?

No reason really

other than something to do

that costs no money.

So, riddle me this,

using your mad haiku skills,

...weekend plans or not?


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    This post made me giggle hard--
    Thanks a bunch, Miss Gwen!

    I am the Walrus--
    my daughter, who's only 12,
    karaoke'd it!

    (Can I say that word?
    Karaoke' that real?
    Did I make that up?)

    Weekend plans abound!
    Chillin' with some writer friends,
    And I'm cleaning house.

  2. Weekend plans? Perhaps.
    Ask me again tomorrow.
    Then I'll know for sure.

  3. Yes! Mamma Mia
    opens today. Cannot wait.
    May see it two times.

  4. This is a fun game.
    I hope I stop at work though.
    ...Or maybe I won't.

  5. weekend plans for me?
    probably packing boxes
    can't wait to be moved!

  6. E.Boyce12:43 PM

    Haiku is dang'rous:
    Once I start thinking in it
    There's no going back.

    Weekend plans? Let's see:
    My boys come home tomorrow.
    Sunday . . . nothing yet.

    My dream plans include
    Scandinavian pop tunes.
    But no sitter. *sigh*

    Sunday brunch would rock.
    But since I'd have to cook it,
    Some appeal is lost.

  7. Mamma Mia is
    All very well, but I would
    Rather see Batman.

  8. I have clown issues
    Heath Ledger's dead and I'm sad
    so Dark Knight must wait

  9. Stop taking the allergy meds, hon.


  10. Laughing my arse off.
    Chrissy, that is not haiku.
    You get zero points.

  11. Chrissy fails the test
    why didn't she play along
    haiku is simple

  12. missy7:46 AM

    cute--but I am terrible at poetry myself. :)