Friday, July 25, 2008

Do these pants make my butt look like somebody's mom?

A friend of mine is going through a phase in her life that requires a new wardrobe. I totally get that, don't you?

When you are in school, you generally get to go shopping every August for school clothes. What that meant was you got to totally replace everything in your closet--generally because you outgrew them, but not always. Because fashion is fluid.

Sometime after that--you are expected to add to your closet piece by piece, but rarely get to go for full replacement. And that is a shame because life remains fluid.

We still outgrow our clothes, even if they still fit our bodies.

I understand what she is going through. I have looked into my closet many times and said, "Whose life is this? Why do I own mom jeans?" I bought some new clothes for a trip and decided to make room and pitch a few things to the Goodwill. I bagged up some perfectly good clothes only because they made me feel ...not me.

I had memories of where I was in my life when I bought them and it reminded me of how I got where I am now. It amazed me how many things I'd purchased over the years that didn't have a thing to do with making me feel good about myself when I wore them.

I am through with that bad behavior.

I'm at a crossroads in my life too--though not a new baby like my friend. My babies are growing up. In six years, they'll all be doing their own thing and I feel like I'm getting my second young adulthood.

I want a killer wardrobe for that.


  1. Good luck with that. I swear, I can go to a mall and each store is divided into two sections: young and trashy or old and frumpy. And then we have Gap, which is just plain boring and their clothes never fit me all that well. I love Anthropologie but hello? Why are their t-shirts $98? And I'm a little over the whole retro-stepford wife thing they have going on.

    I used to love Urban Outfitters, but their clothes right all are like this bizzare rendition of the 1980s and I so don't need to go there.

    Yeah...frustrated much? :)

  2. I love shopping. Darn budget keeps me on a short leash these days.

    *Hurmph* I'm a JCrew girl. I cannot resist a cashmere v-neck sweater.

  3. We need to open a new store.

  4. What Gwen Said!

    (and Lilli)

  5. I'm an Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Macy's girl.

  6. I'm all about the clothes. I routinely go through my closet and ditch what doesn't work or has gotten old, out-dated, etc.

  7. I wear a uniform. Jeans (same pair, I think I own 12) and t-shirt. Sneakers. Ballcap but lately I have enough hair to skip that.

    It's not a rut. It's a way of life. I don't care.

    Although I do wear novelty t-shirts. During my recent stalk-strava-ganza Ahmed found me a fire-engine-red t-shirt with Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. He's got flames coming off of him and it says ARE YOU THREATENING ME???

    Lovin' it.

  8. Dude, you should totally get some clothes if you want them...I love changing up my style!

  9. I have mom pants. I hate them. I try to go with no pleats. always.

    It's exciting to get into something svelte again. (even if you aren't, but it makes you feel as if you are.)