Friday, April 29, 2011

"You look stunning, babe."

According to a lip reader, that's what Prince William said to Kate Middleton when she reached him at the end of the aisle in Westminster Abbey. It was quite a sweet moment.

That's my way of telling you that, yes, I've been up since 3 AM. I didn't intend to, but one of the cats woke me up at 2:58 and I decided to pop the TV (telly?) on to see what was happening. Five and a half hours later, I'm still watching. (I'd like to add I've worked out, showered and had breakfast during that time too.)

It's only fitting I watched since I got up to see Diana get married. Kate and Will's day was no disappointment. It was sweet and solemn with some spiritual overtones not always seen in modern weddings. Her dress was beautiful, his uniform resplendent, their love obvious in the most touching way.

One of the nicest touches was the English maple trees lining the aisle. It gave the austere gothic beauty of Westminster Abbey a shot of freshness. Those trees brought down the towering arches without diminishing them. They made the whole ceremony somehow more accessible.

Did you get up? Did you see any of it? What did you think? Personally, I thought it was a romance writer's dream. All in all, I'm glad the cat woke me up.


  1. Missed the whole thing. I remember Diana's wedding and also how upset I was for her when I realized it wasn't a love match. I hope her son learned from that and wish these two well.

  2. I taped it on the DVR and have made it up to the point where he saw her at the altar. She looked stunning, he looked regal. Best of luck to them both!

  3. The trees were magical. W.A is gorgeous, but it's cold, courtesy of the memorial markers and stone floor. The greenery gave life. Got to say though, my favourite was the two-seater sportscar. THAT was great.

  4. I loved how William tried so hard not to smile but he couldn't help it, he looked like he felt he was the luckiest man in the world and couldn't believe his luck. I thought the whole thing was beautiful, I wish them both happiness