Friday, April 08, 2011

College trip

I'm on the road today with my daughter checking out her new campus for the next four years. It's a long drive, but I'm looking forward to some mom/daughter time.

I never went to a university and I know I missed out on a lot, so I'm really happy for her. It got me to thinking that there are not a lot of books that take place during the college years. Can you think of any? Favorites? And why do you think there is such a gap between YA and Adult? Should we write more? I mean, come on...double secret probation is awesome, right?


  1. Congrats to your daughter! She's going to have a blast.

    In answer to your question, I agree. There really need to be more books set in college. I blogged about this 2 years ago here on Fictionistas actually:

    Apparently it's a hard sell, since most college students are too busy reading for their classes (hundreds of pages of dense reading per week) to do fun reading. *sigh*

  2. Have a blast. My daughter and I did the campus tour thing a couple weeks ago, and she got so much more jazzed about going than she already was. She can't wait. I hope your daughter comes away with the same sense of excitement and anticipation.

    My favorite college-setting books are by Diana Peterfreund - the Secret Society Girl series. =o)

  3. Oops, I just realized I never answered the question. But like B.E., my fave college-setting books are Diana Peterfreund's Secret Society Girl series. I still harbor a secret wish that she'll write a 5th book and show us how Amy's life is after college. LOL

  4. My favorite college book is not new at all -- it's "Daddy Long-Legs" by Jean Webster. If you ever wanted to know what college life was like for women a hundred years ago, that's it! Plus, it's dang funny.

    I also love "Paper Chains" by Jane Langton.

    Oh, and "Hell Week" by Rosemary Clement-Moore is set at a college, and great!

    I love college stories myself, and wish there were more!

  5. Have fun! I love the last Sisterhood of the Traveling pants series...four different college experiences!!

  6. We had a blast! Her campus looks like so much fun.

  7. I actually don't know of any novels set in college/Uni. The only pop culture references I have for that time period are Spiderman 2, and a couple seasons of Buffy.... which aren't necessarily the best examples.

    I have always maintained that between 18-25 are still pivotal years in a young person's life (they were for me anyway!) and I wish there were more stories about/for that age group.