Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do you like superheroes?

It's been a while since I've had any story news to post on here. But I'm pleased to announce I've decided to publish Super Zero, my superhero romantic comedy. Whoop whoop! It should be out end of April/early May, on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

I've always had a fondness for this novel, and I hope you guys like it too!

Here's the cover:

And here's what this story is about:

When Jenna Peterson signs on as personal shopper-slash-assistant for top superhero The Machine, she's disgusted to learn of his philandering ways against his wife Rapido, the second most powerful superhero in the area—and he's cheating with Jenna's cousin, to boot! But when The Machine gives Jenna the opportunity to safeguard the changing crystal, a jewel that grants or changes superpowers, Jenna jumps on the opportunity, eager to do this so-called "cake" job that will help her earn more street cred with the Midwest League of Superheroes. 

The League pairs Jenna up with a bodyguard, the dark, mysterious and thoroughly grumpy Vigilante. Their personalities are like oil and water but a deep attraction pulls them together, even if they don't fully trust one another. 

Soon Jenna learns the threat to the changing crystal is all too real, and the list of people she can trust grows shorter by the minute. But when she discovers something even more sinister afoot, involving Vigilante's sexy arch nemesis Dementrix, it'll take all her skills to keep the mad villainess from executing her plan to unmask the world's superheroes...especially when Jenna accidentally becomes one herself. 


  1. Love the cover! Love the premise!

  2. Amanda Brice9:20 AM

    I can't wait!

  3. Thank you both, foxypants! :D

  4. Amanda Brice9:55 AM

    I'm sort of picturing Vigilante in my mind like Ranger from Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum books. Is he?

  5. Sound like so much fun. I can't wait!