Thursday, October 07, 2010

Falling Under Cover Flats

What you can't tell from the picture:

  • The title and my name are foily!
  • The cardstock has a softy suedey feel.
  • It's so freaking gorgeous.
  • I'm a writer so I make words up like "foily" and "suedey".
I will choose three random commentors  to get a signed cover flat. I'll also throw in a bookmark. So as Chaka Khan once said....tell me something good--tell me that you like it, yeah.....

And the winners are:
Lisa Henderson
Reggie Writes
and Gilliene 


  1. I already heart the cover like crazy. And the synopsis definitely captured my attention. ;)

  2. It's gorgeous, I want one! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh its so gorgeous I'm gonna die! I've been drooling at the cover ever since I saw it. Wait I'm still drooling now *wipes it off her face* So pretty...

  4. It is a beautiful cover, I'd love to have one. I'd put it in a frame.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  5. OMG! I soooooo love the coverrrrrr! It is the prettiest 2011 cover ever!!!!! The cover flat is so awesome! Congrattssss! *crosses fingers I win* hehehehehe =)))))))

    Falling Under looks soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reggie =)

  6. I absolutely love the cover, it looks even prettier in the cover flat! I can't wait for Falling Under :)

  7. Falling Under is amazing so far. I'm about half way through. The cover is simply flawless! I love the model laying on a bed of black roses! :D Gorgeous!

  8. I can tell that it's rectangular and it's flat. No, seriously, I can tell that I love the cover since I'm into black and red, because those two colors are just oh-so-sexy! :)


  9. It's a gorgeous cover, Gwen. Definitely something my eyes would be drawn to if I was strolling through the store and something my brain would NEED to purchase. Way to go. =o)

    You mean foily and suedey aren't words?? Dang.

  10. When I first heard about cover flats, I was like, what is that? Lol. Sorry for being a noob but if this is international, please enter me! Falling Under cover flat looks downright gorgeous!

    ana13kl at gmail dot com

  11. Chelsea B.5:09 PM

    Love it! Very pretty :-)

  12. Definitely one of the most beautiful covers out there! I'd love to have it :D

  13. I wanna signed coverflat! Oh, wait. I don't count, do I? LOL

    It's gorgeous, Gwenny!