Monday, October 18, 2010

Caught Up In The Net

Recently I signed up for one of those freebie "who is searching for you" trials out of pure curiosity. I'm still getting the same "someone is looking for you" email alert with the same four searches listed: a female of X age in Y location, etc. I recognized all four, which was reassuring. Ahmed signed up and got a big chuckle out of it-- he signed up with the name he uses on the internet, which is a slight variation of his actual name.

Several people who know him "online" had googled the name thinking to get all kinds of... what? I hope they weren't too disappointed. He got a huge charge out of it.

With the recent movie all about Facebook's founder, and with nearly daily alerts about some scam or another, I guess we should all be careful. I am a Facebook fan, but I don't play the interactive games, or take the quizzes, or respond to "somebody answered a question about you" alerts. I've never seen one posted by somebody who knew me well enough to answer a question about me, but I am flattered anyone cares. As long as it all stays fun, we're good.

Twitter and Facebook can suck a lot of time, though. And message boards start to get addictive. And these days you can't just shut off the computer... we've all got apps on our phones, or stand-alone devices, or... well, too much access, maybe.

But for me it's all worth it. I can keep in touch with family and friends and old co-workers without being on the phone all day. I've never liked the telephone. I always feel like the person on the other end expects me to entertain him or her. Only my absolute most-beloved ones get long phone calls from me or are allowed to place them to me. It's not that I'm wallowing in swamp-witchy hermitage. It's more that I like a quick howdy and a jack-rabbit exit.

So you know... you can always hit me on FB or shoot me a tweet.

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  1. What sticks out about your post is that it really is hard to fall off the grid now. You're right--you can't just turn off your computer. Hard to find that balance.

    Twitter is my poison. I could take or leave Facebook.