Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

Most of us dread Monday because it symbolizes the end of our time off. The Monday morning alarm catapults us into the dredge of work, school, homework, responsiblity...blah, blah, blah.

Yesterday, I started to realize that I was already dreading the morning...and you know what that was doing to me? Making me bitchy. So instead of enjoying the beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was already cranking about Monday.

And isn't that exactly the opposite of how we should end our weekend?

So today, I'm looking at Monday as the beginning of a great week instead of the end of a fantastic weekend. Because everyone loves a good beginning...right?

Happy Monday, y'all! What do you plan to do to make today a good one?


  1. I had a really, really good day yesterday. IV and writing today.

    What's not to love? Joy can be a choice!

  2. Hey, it's lunch time so Monday's already looking up.

  3. Happy Monday! My glass is overflowing.Change your mind; change the world.

    or Save the cheerleader; save the world.