Monday, September 06, 2010

September Maybe

I have always been fond of September, and never for the same reasons as most. Or maybe that's in my head. Most people I know associate September with autumn, although we don't enter fall til late in the month. Of course, leaves do begin changing and hurricanes come to my part of the world. But in spite of the month hosting the equinox, which brings a season most associate with endings, I always feel a great deal of hope and renewal in September.

That's probably because we go back to school in this month. Even though my school days are done, I still love that feeling. A new school year is all about promise, potential, and opportunity. It's a clean slate. New clothes, new supplies, new teachers, new class-mates... and a chance to make this the best year yet. Let's face it, most of us found the bloom off the rose a few weeks in. By Columbus Day we'd be watching clocks and drifting off into daydreams during Sociology. The cute guy had said something awful. The former-not-so-b-ff was the new frenemy.

But September was pre-let-down. September was all about possibilities. I glance out the window even now and the leaves have not yet turned. Earle was, it turns out, a big dud. So if nights get cold soon we'll begin to see glorious colors. And maybe the cute guy will smile in stead of sneering. And maybe the BF really WILL be F. And maybe this autumn will go on record as the best ever. And maybe...

It's all about the maybe. I'm very, very fond of the promise in maybe.

Welcome, September. And thanks for the MAYBE!


  1. Wonderful way to think of September. I've always been fond of September because it is a time of flux - endings, beginnings, changeover. I like your reason better.

  2. I love autumn and I love September--also, it's my anniversary and birthday month. So, it's all about me.

  3. What a wonderful post. The weather is already turning cool here, and some of the trees in the Arboretum are already starting to change. Fall is definitely in the air!

  4. My brother is a 17th baby but MAX is the 18th!

    Go Virgo Puggy!

  5. We don't really get the fall colors here in FL, but I can very easily remember the smell of woodsmoke and the chill in the air from when I was a kid in PA. September really is a grand month, isn't it?