Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carina Press is awesome.

I was supposed to post yesterday. And last week. I'm lame and forgot--yes, I suck, and I own it. But in my defense, I've been craaaazy busy with work, teaching, and.........editing!!

I'm not sure if you guys know, but I'm an editor for Carina Press, a brand-spanking new imprint of Harlequin that publishes e-books. It's incredibly awesome--I get to read submissions in all genres (except YA and nonfic, which we don't take), decide what I want to acquire, and pitch it to Harlequin. And if we get it, I get to edit it and release it into the wild. It's a dream job, and I dig it oh-so much. :D

We're actively acquiring submissions right now! You can check us out at -- check out our submissions page for details about what we're looking for, and send us your full manuscript and synopsies. We love drowning in good stories, so send, send, send away! It makes me a happy camper, and you don't want me to be sad, do you?


  1. I envy you the job but not the mayhem. LOL

  2. I'm afraid I'd wanna acquire everything.

  3. Amanda Brice12:49 PM

    I'm with Mel. I'd probably end up acquiring way too much!

  4. I'd love to work with you Rhonda! We'd have a blast.

  5. Ugh-- note to self "Write faster!!!"

    I've been getting Carina Press books for review, and I love the ones I've read so far. I've had to slow down requesting because I can't read fast enough. *snicker*