Friday, September 24, 2010

It's my birthday

Turning 40 is harder than I thought.

I really liked being thirtysomething.

So, today, instead of me blogging something to amuse our readers, I'm asking our readers to amuse me instead. I'm in the corner with Ben and Jerry...waiting.


  1. I'm turning 40 next month too.
    But it really is the new 20. :) (At least that's what all the other 40 year olds have told me) LOL

  2. Oh my, wait til 50. LOL I turned 50 in June and I was quite stressed--the first time a birthday stressed me out. Let's see if I can list some things to make you chuckle that happens from 40-50:

    1.Sex actually gets better:)
    2.You learn what "night sweats" are.
    3.Your memory turns into that of a gnat.
    4. Umm...I can't remember much else...

    *snort* I hope you have a very special day:) Happy Birthday Gwen!!!

  3. I don't know, I'm kinda loving forty. Mostly because when I tell people my age, they recoil in disbelief. lol Hey, Gwenny, we make 40 look GOOD. Happy Birthday, Hotness!

  4. I hit 40 in May. Funny, I know a lot of writers who turned the big 4-0 this year. 1970 is an excellent vintage, if I do say so myself.

    Happy Birthday, Gwen. Enjoy the day. Do what Kristen does and freak people out with the number - because no way do you look 40. Or do what I did and have someone buy you something expensive that you've always wanted - like a tricked out digital camera or a new computer. Jewelry works, too. In other words, milk the milestone birthday. You won't get another one of these for ten years. ;o)

  5. Happy Birthday, Virgo!

    Do something very self-indulgent and delicious!

  6. Amanda Brice10:54 AM

    Happy birthday hottie! No way do you look the Big 4-0!

  7. Well, 40 was easy for me. It's 41 I'm having trouble with b/c now I'm "over 40". But don't worry. In a few years you won't remember how old you are anyway. :-)