Monday, August 16, 2010

readin', writin', & rhythm

No 'rithmatic around these parts. Nope. I save that for my day job, not my fun job, TYVM.

So, let's get down and dirty and talk about something most everyone experiences but nobody wants to discuss: losing your rhythm.

I've been separated from my husband for a year and a half. It's amicable (I hate that word) We are still very close, still good friends, and there has been very little cause for stress overall.


It's a huge life change and no matter how great we get along, there is still stress involved. And for the first time in my life, I've found it VERY difficult to read or write.

It's true. Even reading became a chore. And when reading is no longer joyful for me, you know there's a problem.

I've tried over the year to find my get back into my groove. But every time I sat down to read or write, I would suddenly have to balance the check book (something I haven't done in 2 years, thanks to online banking) or clean (something I've never done on purpose unless there was a party) or paint a wall, or dig a ditch, or...well, you get the picture.

Things seem to be changing for me now. I find myself plotting my new story idea in my head and playing with the characters. I'm getting more and more excited about the thought of writing. AND I've actually been reading (though the book I'm reading is kinda boring me right now. Sigh) But the point of all this (and I have one) is that I finally WANT to read and write again.

What do you do when you lose your mojo? People told me to force myself to write, but that made me feel worse. I couldn't make myself do it (now if I had been on deadline, I'm pretty sure that would've been a different story!) I really had to just let it all work out naturally. But it's taken so long, that I feel almost out of sorts now. But NOW is the time that I have to develop my new routine and force myself to stick to that it isn't physically painful to try to write. Thankfully my 'Nistas have sworn to help me...or punish me if I start to slack off. I'll probably start logging my progress in my blogs here, so you guys will know if I'm slacking, too. I never want to disappoint the Internetz!


  1. When I lose my mojo, I watch movies and listen to a lot of music. It seems to help.

  2. I go to art museums or read poetry that calls to me and tells a story. I like viewing other forms of art because they pull creativity out of me...

  3. movies--totally. The well written ones especially.