Monday, August 09, 2010


We here at Fictionistas have decided to keep one another accountable for word-count, goals, and cetera. Having an accountabilabuddy is a great idea. I often make deals with Ahmed, because I know he will nudge me without being too gentle, but will also back off when he knows I need to ease up. It's a fine line.

I think procrastination and "getting too much in my own head" are my biggest weaknesses. In the past I never missed deadlines, never failed to complete projects, and never gave up on something I started. But I was always working FOR someone, or pleasing another person, or delivering for the "team." I'm not good at doing for myself, and never have been.

So I promised my guy I'd write him a book by the fall. I will, too. This is a project I've been sitting on a while and Ahmed wants it done. Nobody else is interested in a comedy space-opera romance. But Aji wants it bad. So I'm doing it for him, and letting my Nistas bang me on the head, too.

Who is YOUR accountabilabuddy??


  1. Let's go, Nistas! We have work to do!

  2. The closest thing I have to an accountabilabuddy is my own guilt. If I'm lazing around, it whispers in my ear that I need to get to work. (Okay, I admit it: It shrieks at me.) Other than that and the occasional feisty blog commenter, I don't really have anyone kicking me in the butt.

  3. Well, B.E.--tell us your goal for the month of August and report back Sept. 1. If you want to post in between with excuses--we will gladly mock your feeble attempts to do so. We are mean like that.

  4. Amanda Brice12:31 PM

    They're very mean like that. They like to mock my excuses mercilessly.

  5. LOL, Thanks. I'm doing a pretty good job of staying on track this month. My goal is to finish this round of revisions by the end of the month. I've got ten chapters left. If I average a chapter a day, I should be done early - barring flood, famine, or a Grey's Anatomy marathon on Lifetime. ;o)

    Feel free to mock my excuses. Lord knows, I do.

  6. I have a novel to finish and two proposals to write. LOL siiiiiiiighhhhhh